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In conjunction with this week’s NMRA National Convention, the three-day National Train Show is taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Besides the 40ft covered hopper, tank car, and caboose samples that have been traveling with the Athearn booth for over a year, the only fresh models appeared to be a new run of the ex-MDC mechanical reefer in several PFE schemes. BLMA was showing samples of the TTX brown F89J flat and the preproduction pipe loads for the more modern pipe-flats. Exactrail was showing a flyer announcing a Trenton Bulkhead Flat in N scale, but only HO tooling samples were on display. Fox Valley Models had test shots of the shells for the upcoming GP60M and GP60B engines on display for the first time. Aside from his typical table of etched brass gems, if you asked the right question an RP sample of the upcoming Flexi-Van Mark IV flatcar appeared. Bachmann has been busy as witnessed by their massive list of new N scale announcements at the NMRA 2011 show this past weekend.

This fantastic looking sample of a 10,000 Gallon tank car features separate handrail and ladders, body mounted couplers, and will be available in Owenwood Motor Oil, Sparton Oil Company, Frontenac, Texaco, Phillips 66, and C.F. While Bachmann had previously released the Doodlebug, the 72′ Paired Window Coach is a new model and features new 4-wheel Pullman trucks with electrical pickup. Last night we went over to Timothy Horton's and took high res images of all the production samples of the new National Steel Car Potash cars. Last week China sent us our first painted and decorated N Scale National Steel Car Potash Cars.
We want our N Scale customers to know, you are getting 100% of all the details the HO guys are getting. A friend of ours (who works for another major manufacturer, and is responsible for research and design) took a sample of the N Scale car back to his booth to closely examine the car.
We are only making a smaller qty (less than 100) copies of the special 5,000 Canpotex - National Steel Car Commorative Car.

We have additional images and video coming from Model Railroad Hobbyist in a few day from our trip to the Port of Longview, Washington on Monday. Far many months now we have been explaining how nearly the same amount of money was being spent to create the N Scale cars as the HO cars. I don't think many of the average model railroaders walking around in this room, realize what you have pulled off.

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