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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 19: Members of the media queue up to view a greyhound coach as travel company First Group unveil the first Greyhound coach to operate in the UK on August 19, 2009 in London, England. BOSTON (CBS) — What the Acela Train did to the airline shuttle service, buses are now out to derail Amtrak on trips between Boston and New York. On a typical weekday afternoon, as many as five buses will depart hourly from the bus terminal heading out on the Mass Pike. Not only are the low fares an attraction, but wi-fi on most buses is a major plus for the younger rider, as are movies and the chance to listen to music on phones and other electronic gear. When the Acela began its so-called high speed travel to New York a decade ago, Amtrak had about 19 percent of the corporate business. Other factors that benefited rail travel in the last decade are the lack of security lines and trips from center city to center city. Corporate accounts are continuing to increase their trips on Acela and the Regional Amtrak service.
YO!, the new bus line providing non-stop service between New York and Philadelphia, has expanded to Boston, launching six daily roundtrips between New York's Chinatown neighborhood and Boston South Station on March 14.
The bus service, which launched December 2012, offers on-board amenities such as a guaranteed seat, extra legroom with comfortable leather seating, free Wi-Fi and power outlets.

During the in-person meetings with the officials from both the House of Representatives and Senate, participants personally thanked elected officials for supporting the FAST Act, a five-year surface transportation reauthorization bill that was passed in December 2015.
The threat came just days after Metro officials announced a yearlong plan to overhaul the ailing subway system and two days after a third-rail explosion had thrown metal shards onto the platform at the Federal Center station.
The goal with its new site is to provide a more functional and interactive place for members and the general public to learn about the motorcoach industry and have access to resources. The May 4th event will provide ABA members an opportunity to meet with their elected legislative officials and staff and discuss the important issues facing the motorcoach, travel and tourism industries today. The iconic North American inter-city bus company is beginning services in the UK operating from London to Portsmouth and Southampton. While the travel complex is best known for its rail and MBTA Red Line, buses are gaining market share with low prices and more service. Being able to stay in touch and notify friends of arrival time by phone on the road is also important. The equipment is much better and the time difference between the train and the bus is not that much different.
But just as low cost airlines cut into the legacy carriers, price determines who is going to get the business.

Foreigners are used to bus travel and they want to visit many places including the countryside. YO!, jointly operated by Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus Lines, offers a safe, modern and affordable travel solution for customers in New York and Boston who like the convenience of a Chinatown stop in the Big Apple, according to a company statement."Since we launched YO!
Rail now represents 53 percent of this business and the days of rolling out another plane to meet peak demand are long gone. Broadway and Division on the median, where a staff member will be on site to guide the loading and unloading of customers. There also is an assigned boarding system to ensure an orderly boarding process onto YO!'s high-efficiency, environmentally friendly buses.

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