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We did the Essex Steam Train North Pole Express (it’s basically the Polar Express without the trademark) two years ago and it was great. It is a wonderfully done event full of good cheer – it’s well organized and everyone goes out of their way to make the kids feel special and really believe in Santa magic. This girl worked at the station and I am not sure if she was an extra elf or a fairy or a snowflake or what, but she chatted with Caroline and it was SO adorable. I skipped it last year because we have to buy tickets in August and last August I had a 1 month old and couldn’t get my act together. The cars are decorated, there are special songs, they give you cookies and hot cocoa, and the whole last 20 minutes is a big dance party where the kids just go crazy in the aisles.

Christmas, and traditions, and trains, and kids, and SANTA…it all gets me right in the feels. That means I get Diet Coke money if you happen to like something I mention enough to buy it. But this year I planned to stay home on ticket day and got my fastest fingers ready and bought tickets for the last train on Caroline’s actual birthday day so we could all go. I'm Suzanne, a 33-year-old mom, photographer, Navy wife, blogger, baker, and amateur at pretty much everything else. They’re a ridiculous amount of money, but I’m not throwing Caroline a big party next year so I feel like we can swing it.

Plus I saw one of the elves who host the first class cars and she looked like a legit magical snow queen.
You can find more of my photos (or even hire me!) over on my photography site, Ginger Snaps Pictures.

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