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When the current BMT Jamaica elevated open east of Cypress Hills in 1918, the city’s papers hailed this subway expansion project. The third track never arrived because subsequent engineering studies determined that the vibrations would damage the elevated structure, and since then, the BMT Jamaica line has often seemed to be an afterthought in the eyes of those in charge of the subway.
Would it be possible to build a single track elevated or subway line along Jamaica Ave between the Bway Junction and Cypress Hills stops?
I think the best solution is to four-track selected areas, and then run the Z as an extra express service, in both directions. Sadly, it sounds like nobody at the MTA is interested in adding enough strength to support a third track. Everyday I take the M from the elevated station at Knickerbocker to work in the Financial District. If the Arts Commission could get its hands on the el(s), this one could be a lot of fun with colored beans and girders.
I’d love to see the same thing happen under the FDR that disconnects lower manhattan from the waterfront, or the areas underneath the Metro North line through harlem. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. MTA will have to raise fares 15% if it borrows $15 billion to fill budget gap: controller Will the MTA have to raise fares 15%?

Fares would increase to about $2.90 for MTA buses and subways if the authority decides to borrow the money for its capital program. To fill its $15.2 billion budget gap solely through borrowing, the MTA would have to raise fares and tolls 15%, according to a shocking report released by the state controller Tuesday.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority capital budget pays for the nuts-and-bolts maintenance of the system, including the replacement of subway rails, the purchase of new commuter trains and the renovation of stations. The possible increase according to the state controller's report on the looming MTA budget gap. For every $1 billion borrowed, the MTA would have to pay about $70 million a year in debt service, according to the report by state Controller Thomas DiNapolia€™s office. For the past quarter century, alleged one area business owner who has pushed the MTA for renovations, the elevated has been allowed to degrade, and rusty supports and flaking paint mar an otherwise lively neighborhood. I also hope they can build a third track – or, better yet, four-track passing sections. If the local J and express Z run every 10 minutes each, a station stop time is 45 seconds, and the local leaves Jamaica Station 2 minutes after the express, the next express train will catch up after skipping about 10 stations.
Subway and the costly modernization of the subway signal system, which is expected to increase capacity on terribly overcrowded lines.
The document anticipates funding from the city and federal government a€” but doesna€™t include additional state subsidies, according to DiNapoli.

With express stops at Woodhaven and Crescent, this would allow the line to be entirely two-tracked except for a four-track passing section at Broadway Junction, which has space for it. I remember the last time they did any major work on those stations was to tear down one access side of all the stops. If in addition there were three tracks on Jamaica, and Woodhaven were rebuilt to have two island platforms, then you could increase frequency to once every 7.5 minutes, with an additional timed cross-platform transfer at Woodhaven, or alternatively keep frequency at 10 minutes and have more schedule slack. Though I never officially knew why, it was probably a safety and health hazard, since they didn’t have token booths there, and only the old square-bar turn-gates. It would be nice to see some work on rickety stairs and the plywood covered doors we have at Knickerbocker.
Speaking of that station, there is an unused retail space on the Myrtle Avenue side which while maybe not an ideal location for a business would be an excellent spot for a really nice bike station. I was wondering what could be done to make the underside of the elevated tracks more interesting visually.
Maybe not as big a deal in NYC where bikes are allowed on trains, but with the large bus transfer station there seems like a missed multi-model opportunity for the many bicyclists in Ridgewood and Bushwick.

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