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In order to accommodate ever-growing rail traffic into the restricted Midtown area, William J. Arriving trains would go underground under Park Avenue, and proceed to an upper-level incoming station if they were mainline trains, or to a lower-level platform if they were suburban trains. 2003: The World's Fair picture window R-36 "Redbird" trains finally displaced by R-62A stainless steel cars moved over from the IRT main lines.
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Wilgus, chief engineer of the New York Central Railroad took advantage of the recent electrification technology to propose a novel scheme: a bi-level station below ground. In addition, turning loops within the station itself obviated complicated switching moves to bring back the trains to the coach yards for servicing. The R-188s are retrofitted R-142 cars displaced from the IRT main lines augmented by several new trainsets.

The single wooden mezzanine has a token booth at the center and a turnstile bank at either side.

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