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In the 1970s, New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority did a huge transportation overhaul.
But one eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted an old map from the 1970s that shows what NY's subway system could have looked like, had the MTA gone with a different plan. There's also a K line, a U line that runs through Brooklyn all the way up to the Bronx, as well as a bizarre O line that seems to do a loop de loop at 14th street. Massimo Vignelli's subway diagram is a hallmark of modernist elegance, distilling New York's huge, complicated transit system into a sequence of straight lines, rainbow colors and black dots.

Buses, subways, and stations were updated and modernized, bringing the city's subway system closer to what we have today.
The M train starts and stops in Brooklyn and isn't affiliated with the B, D, or F, and there are more midtown cross trains, including the Q, X, and E.
Custom made for the NY Transit Museum, this bottle opener features Massimo Vignelli's iconic 2012 New York City subway diagram map.
New York City's offical subway map from 1972 to 1979, the diagram remains iconic in the design world.

In 2011, it was repurposed for the digital age, serving as the basis for the MTA Weekender app and website.

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