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With its circle of megabrands capped by Whole Foods, Union Square’s renaissance is complete. The biggest, best, and most literary B&N in the city, with well-curated display tables and a 2,000-title-strong magazine section.
This tacky, steam-spouting digital-clock installation, the result of a competition judged by the Public Art Fund, has been confusing people since it was built in 1999. What a multiplex should be, using fourteen screens to program a high-low selection of the best blockbusters and the hippest indies, which often stay on screens long enough for late adopters to catch up. 212-675-8100 In a previous life, the Decker building was home to Andy Warhol’s second Factory studio. A 2002 overhaul got rid of the chicken wire, fixed the benches, and added a drinking fountain and a hose to rinse off pooches. From the tri-state area and beyond, we do the legwork to present the short list of the best of what’s out there.
Impulse is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, commonly known as "The Flatiron District" or "Union Square".
It’s hard to remember that this was once a neighborhood where businesses had gates on the windows and the homeless slept in a park without benches.
The beautiful 1880 building has been fully restored with cast-iron columns and a redbrick façade.
The six numbers on the left display how much time has passed since midnight; the six numbers on the right, read backwards, display how long till midnight.

If you want to get in on the next development, keep an eye on the hole in the ground at East 14th Street and University Place, which will be residential but doesn’t yet have a representative. Danny Meyer kick-started the Union Square revival almost twenty years ago (the big anniversary is a few months away), and the low-key vibe he maintains is as important as the superb American food to this restaurant’s unflagging popularity.
The basement feels bland, and the mezzanine is cramped, so head for the raw bar—seafood and creative appetizers are the best things on the menu anyway. Easy to miss—the hanging Christmas lights are the only giveaway—yet still the wait is usually long.
The Flatiron building, famous for looking like a turn of the century flatiron and one of the first "skyscrapers" is only 9 blocks away.
Countless listening stations at the front offer an instant youth-culture primer, while the basement has a great selection of obscure music books and magazines, as well as graphic novels. Prices tend to be high—you’ll pay more for a bottle of champagne here than anywhere else in the city—so wait for the regular sales, when 25 percent off a mixed case is typical.
Large parties can make themselves comfortable at communal tables; small parties should be prepared to share. The real hit is likely to be taken by local high-end groceries like Dean & DeLuca and Garden of Eden. Even closer is "Union Square" where most subway lines meet, surrounded by a beautiful park and fine restaurants. Hit the market for your best burst of flora short of Central Park, celebrate (or bemoan) the new Whole Foods, and just try to get tickets to Thom Pain (based on nothing).

The lobby-lounge couches, often draped with media execs and celebrities, are prime Park Avenue South people-watching. After renovations, it will reopen in the spring with about 300 removable seats, and double as a party or event space.
Historically the park has been the start and end point for many political demonstrations since the early 1800s.
The best buy at the pricey in-house restaurant, Todd English’s Olives, is the $24 lunchtime Greenmarket Menu.
Salads are diced with a mezzaluna knife, so all pieces are bite-size—no flinging salad dressing all over your face. It is the site of the first Labor Day celebration, where on September 5, 1882 ten thousand workers paraded up Broadway and past Union Square, creating interest in the establishment of "unions".
Downstairs, Rande Gerber’s cavelike Underbar is filled with more out-of-towners than locals. Union Square is bordered by the Flatiron District to the North, Gramercy Park to the East, Greenwich Village to the South, and Chelsea to the West.

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