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Personally I have always found the west side express trains to be inferior to those on the east side.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader. For the D, and for the F as well, wait times and crowding are a problem during most hours, not just rush hours. The focus shouldn’t just be on rush hour but on wait times and overcrowding in general.
The National Transportation Safety Board held a briefing Sunday afternoon to discuss the Metro-North derailment earlier in the day. The train was rounding a riverside curve in the Bronx when it derailed, killing four people and injuring more than 60. Officials say Sunday’s accident is the second passenger train derailment in six months for Metro-North — and the first passenger death in an accident in its nearly 31-year history.
NEW YORK (AP) — A Metro-North train derailed on a curved section of track in the Bronx on Sunday morning, coming to rest just inches from the water and leaving four people dead and 63 injured, authorities said. Cars from a Metro-North passenger train are scattered after the train derailed in the Bronx neighborhood of New York, Sunday, Dec.
Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said the big curve where the derailment occurred is in a slow speed area. Four or five cars on the seven-car train derailed about 100 yards north of the station, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said in a news release. First responders view the derailment of a Metro North passenger train in the Bronx borough of New York Dec. The train appeared to be going “a lot faster” than usual as it approached the curve coming into the station, passenger Frank Tatulli told WABC-TV.
Joel Zaritsky told The Associated Press he was on his way to New York City for a dental convention. Passengers were taken off the derailed train, with dozens of them bloodied and scratched, holding ice packs to their heads.
The crash was reported by the engineer, and it wasn’t clear if any crew members were among the injured, the MTA said.

Edwin Valero was in an apartment building above the accident scene when the train derailed.
Prendergast said that when the NTSB gives them the go-ahead, they will begin efforts to restore service. I think that is apart of the reason ladies have their head phones plugged into their ears at what seems like ALL TIMES. Her smile is what should have shown on my face, but insead I stood there blanked, shocked, even confused. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
It is my greatest hope that you will view, read, or hear something that will change your perception & how you define beauty. As you probably figured out, the D train earned a C- overall in its 2007 rider report card.
For some reason I always seem to be waiting for way too long for an express train on the west side especially during rush hour. Andrew Cuomo says the track didn’t appear to be faulty, leaving speed as a possible culprit for the crash. Andrew Cuomo announced the deaths at a news conference at the site of the crash near the Spuyten Duyvil station. But none of the cars entered the Hudson or Harlem rivers, which are adjacent, the MTA said. Prendergast was asked at the news conference if speed was something authorities planned to investigate. He said none of the cars entered the water, but at least one ended up a few feet from the edge.
Having headphones in our ears is an excuse as to why we don’t respond to the catcalls, whistles and the cheesey pick up lines. Therfore,  I had absolutely no excuse as to why I did not acknowledge the attention seeking noises.  One day while I was on the D train headed to school, a gentlemen and I stood on a packed train, holding onto the same pole for balance. Tainted by the sounds and words of men who did everything, but compliment me with no further intentions.

Now is the time that we begin to build up the self esteem of ladies of all ages, instead of tear them down. The biggest issues I always had with the line were the wait times & having adequate room on board at just about any time of the day.
I like many others find it inexcusable when one has to wait for almost or over 10 minutes for a train during the rush hour! He said authorities believe everyone at the site has been accounted for and that the National Transportation Safety Board is en route.
In turn, little by little I had equipped myself with earphones, sometimes imaginary , fake texting and a straightforward stare.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll get on the train without my protective weapons so I can receive a compliment too! I think that if more gentlemen would give compliments sincerily without over sexualizing them, women would respond better to men and not be so intimidated when walking past a group of men.
To be honest, choice #3 in the priority list could easily be #1 & I am sure many would agree. It has gotten to the point where I purposely use the local if I can as I feel it will get me to my destination faster.
I can only hope that the turnout will be better overall for next year’s report cards. People were thrown to the other side of the train,” he said, holding his bloody right hand. Thank God on that day I left the house without one of my protective weapons; because If I would have been prepared, I would have missed out on hearing the sweet sincerity that still exist in guys.

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