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NYC Insider Guide NYC Subway Map - FREE Manhattan Maps, Ride the Subway like a Pro! The NY subway system is one of the busiest mass transit systems in the world, servicing over four million riders everyday. While it may seem intimidating to first-time visitors in New York, navigating the NYC subway map is simple. New York Subway Map: The NY subway is one of just a small handful of mass transit systems in the world that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. NY Subway Fare: NY subway fare costs $2, and passengers are allowed to make subway transfers for free within two hours from the time their Metrocard is swiped.
Safety on the NY Subway: Though the NYC subway has had a reputation in the past as being unsafe, the NY subway has undergone a major facelift over the last two decades. NYC Subway Entertainment: While they can be easy to overlook, NY subway performers are actually some of the best in NYC. Using the Subway to Attend Sporting Events: The NY subway map conveniently features easy to use subway stations near some of the most popular NYC sports stadiums. PATH Transit System: For NYC tourists staying in New Jersey, the PATH transit system (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) is a cheap and easy way to travel into Manhattan.
About the NY Subway: The first New York subway station opened on October 27th, 1904, and the first train took passengers from NY City Hall to The Bronx.
NYC Subway Gifts and Souvenirs - This fun replica MTA subway 11" x 17" steel sign is perfect for indoor or outdoors use and is easy to hang. Description: This New York City Subway kitchen apron comes in two original colors: black & white! I usually use Tuesdays to critique NYC Subway advertisements, but today something else caught my eye. It would have definitely been a better idea if they switched the colors after they actually made noteworthy changes.
I used to live by the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop in the New York subway system, which is famous for having a disused platform that movie productions use to stage scenes (the music video for Bad, directed by Martin Scorsese, was shot there). The interactive map, created for the Transportation Nation project by Balance Media and John Keefe, deftly overlays these mysterious historical features over the MTA map we all know and love (and sometimes hate).
According to a fascinating article by Jim O'Grady, these lines were planned by a pre-Depression city flush with cash and ambition.
The day's most popular stories from Gothamist every evening in your inbox from our newsletter. The MTA agreed last night to save 11 previously-condemned bus lines, but the orange V train (est.
The restored service will mean the MTA will be taking a considerable more ladylike bite out of its $758 million deficit (the pricetags total $4 million) but it's also pacified some once-angry commuters.

Sign up for Gothamist Daily, which will deliver the day's most popular stories to your inbox at 5 p.m. Featuring 24 lines, 468 stations, and more than 800 total miles of track, the NY subway system is the cheapest and most convenient way for NYC tourists to explore New York. The NYC subway map connects to four of the five buroughs in NYC, with Staten Island connecting to Manhattan via the Staten Island Railway.
If you're traveling with your family, multiple cards aren't necessary, but can be more convenient.
With many more police officers patrolling the stations and cars, as well as an overall drop in NYC crime throughout the city, NYC subway crime rates have fallen sharply since the 1990's. There is a NY subway station in The Bronx for Yankee Stadium (161st-Yankee Stadium, 4, B, D), a New York City subway station near Citi Field in Queens (Mets-Willets Point, 7), and of course, a number of convenient subway stations near the famous Madison Square Garden (34th St-7th Ave, 1, 2, 3). For just $1.75, commuters from New Jersey can reach the Word Trade Center, 33rd St, and other stations in Manhattan. The busiest subway station in NYC is the Times Square-42nd St Station, serving around 60 million passengers every year. Check out this and many other cool NYC gifts and souvenirs that you aren't going to find in your average store! This can be a great souvenir gift for anyone from your mother who loves cooking to a friend who is just begging to learn how to cook! Everyone knows they could use some good press (there’s only so much news you can read about budget cutbacks or more potential fair hikes).
At first, it may just seem that the brighter blue of the water makes the land look greyer by comparison, but both colors have changed.
It would then perform the double duty of catching eyeballs and showing progress for a perpetually floundering transit system. But as fellow native New Yorkers can attest to, people will complain, get used to it, and then forget all about it. In 2010, the Underbelly Project commissioned graffiti artists to infiltrate the station and cover it with street art.
In Queens the Q14 and Q42 will get keep some of their service and in the Bronx, the popular Bx18 bus was saved from elimination. In Midtown Manhattan, there are NY subway stations every few blocks, giving NYC tourists easy access to the most popular NYC landmarks. All NYC subway stations feature an on-site map, making it easy to figure out which train to take on the spot. Weekday mornings from 6am- 9am are perhaps the most congested, as well as weekday evenings from 4pm- 7pm. The NY subway Metrocard also offers a discounted 7-day unlimited pass, which is convenient for NYC tourists visiting New York for an extended period.

If you like what you hear while waiting for your train at the NY subway, throw these NYC musicians a buck or two!
Use the convenient NY subway and avoid high parking rates when you attend a sporting event in New York City. Over one billion passengers ride the NY subway every year, making it the fifth busiest rail system in the world.
The measurement of the apron in inches are as follows: Length = 29'' width = 18" Laces each side = 24" each ShipmentWe guarantee delivery of all items. The land is now more of a concrete color, which makes sense only from a non-cartographic kind of way. However, I hope they create one with as much information as the old one for the big kiosk-type maps on the subway platforms.
Sure, it’ll be noticed by the experienced straphanger’s eye, but why even bother?
Other unbuilt lines were meant to bring subway service to outer-borough areas like Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, Eastchester in the Bronx, and even Staten Island. Now that the city is feeling its mass-transit oats again with the 2nd Avenue subway currently under construction, this map combines the disappointing past and optimistic future of one of the world's most famous subway systems all at once.
Staten Island’s S52 bus will cover for the S42, and the S66 will pick up slack for the discontinued S60 bus, reports NY1 (see a complete listing here). Metrocards are found in subway station Metrocard vending machines, subway station booths, and neighborhood vendors. If something goes missing we will file a claim - for international shipments we may not be allowed to file a claim.
Until something big happens like the completion of the famed 2nd Avenue line or the city finishes the new Brooklyn Nets stadium, there’s not much worth bringing attention to. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Boston University. Check out the NYCTourist subway map and schedule for the latest updates and changes to the NYC subway schedule. Indeed, last year Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz held a mock funeral for the beloved brown train. PaymentWe accept Paypal which is most reliable and the largest online payment systems globally with millions of customers Worldwide.

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