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With thousands of NYU students hailing from cities in the greater Northeast, these low-cost buses have been at once a cost-saving boon and oft-cursed burden.
I was sleeping soundly, dreaming about the Brawny man, when I was awoken by a huge gob of drool dripping onto my neck.
I once sat near a huge black woman who, at the top of her lungs, was providing overly detailed explanations to someone on the phone about how to breastfeed. After our bus’ brakes began to fail in New Jersey, the driver pulled over to the side of the road.
On a trip from NYC to Buffalo, an Indian businessman that I was sitting next to talked loudly on his phone in a mixture of Punjabi and English … for four and a half hours.
Everyone around us was getting really angry, so when we stopped in Syracuse, someone complained to the driver. New York - In a shocking taxicab confession, a hack accused of overcharging nearly 4,000 passengers testified before a city judge that crooked cabbies conduct informal crime summits in cab garages to exchange new and devious ways to rip off customers. At the cabby conferences, veteran drivers would lecture others how to steal thousands from unsuspecting city customers by using Rate 5—a flat-fee plan only supposed to be used for areas outside the city, Kastner said.
Some would even brag about charging tourists for heat, a source familiar with his case added.
The Taxi and Limousine Commission does not do a very good job of regulating the NYC cabbies.
I believe the TLC is corrupt from top to bottom.I recently arrived at JFK terminal 4 and went to the taxi line. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription.
This Week in Civic Tech: GSA Restructures to Protect Tech Programs, Can Big Data Be Biased? The five most common first names of NYC taxi drivers are Md, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad, and Mohamed. The data for this factoid was found on the city’s open data portal and compiled by data scientist Seth Kadish.

What technology did police use in pursuit of a thief who had stolen $50 in chicken wings and sandwiches? If you’ve taken Megabus, Boltbus or a similar low-cost transport, you’ve accepted this offer before. I looked up to see a baby reaching over the seat and staring at me with his black marble eyes, goopy mouth wide open.
The same process then took place: EMTs arrive, take the man off the bus, return him to the bus, and then we go on our way again.
The man ended up having four seizures total, and each time encountered the same process with the EMTs.
Some called family members to drive them the rest of the way – but, alas, the bus driver would not let us off the bus.
At this point, most of us were sure that being kept in the bus like this could be classified as imprisonment, and decided to get the authorities involved.
It seemed like the stream of people had slowed down to the point where no one else was going to board the bus. Before we left the rest stop, he came up the the top of the bus and made a general announcement saying he was told someone had been on their phone and hadn’t gotten off since we had departed the city. After I was placed in a cab and siad I was going to Brooklyn the dispatcher told me to get out and enter another cab. Some believe this name, common in the Muslim world, may be the most common name in the entire world. An infographic also shows the most common last name for a driver is Singh, a hereditary title taken by most male Indian Sikhs, and frequently adopted as a surname upon arrival to the U.S. In exchange for your ten dollars, I will drive you to any major city in the northeastern United States. Of course, if you have had the “opportunity” to ride one of these buses, you know that their services should be filed under Too Good to Be True. The bus stopped along the side of the highway, while EMTs took the man off the bus into an ambulance; after about 15 minutes, the EMTs brought the man back on.

My bus was late a total of two and a half hours, all thanks to Megabus not knowing how to properly handle this guy. A quick call was made; ten minutes later, police sped up to the bus and yelled at the driver to open the door.
However, right as we set off to depart, an abnormally large black man approached and asked if the seat was taken.
It was SO obviously the guy I was sitting next to, as he hadn’t even hung up while the driver was making the announcement, but like all other Megabus employees, the driver incorrectly assumed that his job was done and went back downstairs. Kastner allegedly cheated 3,925 unwitting passengers out of $7,756—sixth-most among the cabby cads. Incidentally, to get a taxicab license in London, UK, a very strict exam is required, whereby prospective taxi drivers have to know the location of every street in London!
They instructed her that forcing people into a stuffy bus on the side of the highway in New Jersey against their will is indeed illegal. Out of obligation, I told him it wasn’t, and he proceeded to sit next to me for the entire ride, most of which I spent sitting on the third of my seat he didn’t spill onto, while the behemoth of a man fell asleep and drooled all over me. Here, in NYC, many cabbies don't know the locations of specific streets (in addition to not knowing how to safely, and courteously drive). It was made clear that the Haitian dispatcher was lying to save his job.It was impossible to complain against the dispatchers, only the cabbies. This might also explain the rampant illegal car activity at JFK in front of everybodies eyes.
The New York Central became the largest user of this wheel arrangement with 600 locomotives of this type as this type is best suited in many ways for high speed operation on flatland than slow mountain slogging, with its 4-wheel leading trucks for stability at speed. Building the most accurate and best running Mohawk is the goal of this project for our deserving customers.

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