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In the 34th Street station, pointing the way to Brooklyn Manhattan Transit, which was absorbed many many years ago. The old Times Square T is almost impossible to get in focus since they are all on the other side of the trains. The 18th Street subway station was originally on the IRT Line, formerly sandwiched between 14th St-Union Square and 23rd Street. Along this section of the IRT, not only were the platforms extended at 14th Street and 23rd Street, but new entrances were also built at 15th Street and 22nd Street.

Today however, with the usual signs of decay in the city’s subway system and layers of graffiti, it looks nothing like the pristine photograph above. When I heard about this, my pals and I would joke about Transit cops descending on the station to make sure the chicken had paid his subway fare.
While walking underground to this station from 53rd and Lexington, we found this wonderful subway wall. You used to be able to enter this station under Lincoln Center, but those entrances are now closed.

After World War II, the Board of Transportation embarked on a platform extension program. The famous City Hall subway station was closed in 1945 because its curved platform could not accommodate the longer trains we see today.

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