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Of course, smaller delays where a train is roughly five minutes late will not be recorded, even if that causes you to miss your transfer.A  So New Yorkers should still plan ahead as we move into winter and train delays become more common. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S.
The next time your subway train is delayed, the odds are that ita€™s because the MTA just cana€™t keep its signals straight.
A report issued Tuesday by the Straphangers Campaign has found that defective signals and other equipment problems cause a whopping 65% of delays in the Metropolitan Transportation Authoritya€™s aging, 468-station system.
Sick passengers, police investigations and other a€?uncontrollablea€? incidents account for 35% of delays, according to the Straphangers analysis of data from last year. But even so, Mike Felix, 45, a Manhattan marketing executive, said the subway is generally reliable.
The report is the first analysis of email and text alerts the MTA started sending in November 2008 to riders who request them. The MTA informs riders of incidents that will result in a a€?significant service impacta€? expected to last at least eight minutes, the report said.

Because the MTA has changed how it measures on-time performance and delays, it doesna€™t do full year-to-year comparisons.
The current five-year capital plan allocates $2.154 billion for signal upgrades and repairs.
The Lidingobanan light rail line operates from the Red Line Tunnelbana (Metro) station at Ropsten easterly onto the island of Lidingo.
The line opened in 1914, and formerly ran further into downtown Stockholm, but the operation was cut back to Ropsten in 1967 concurrent with the drive-on-the-right cutover in Sweden and the withdrawal of nearly all of Stockholm's tram lines.
A typical off-peak tram configuration would be one A30 or A30B car coupled to one B30 or B30B car.
Passengers provide information like their subway line, and the times and locations of their entries and exits within the past 90 days. You could wait hours or maybe even days before the transit authority finally sends out its equivalent of a doctor's note.
In February, for example, 21,520 weekday trains failed to arrive at the end of the line on time, according to the MTAa€™s latest monthly performance report.

An additional branch on the north side of the island of Lidingo was terminated in 1971, leaving only the operation from Ropsten to Gashaga brygga on the south side of the island. Also, the Metro tracks at Ropsten end with an eye toward extension across the Lidingobanan bridge. 2 line had the highest number of equipment-related delay alerts last year, according to a report. At the east end of the bridge, the junction between the south side and north side lines can still be seen. An offpeak service departing Ropsten with a two-car motor-trailer set might wind up at Gashaga brygga with a third car attached!

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