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The New York Post points out that this is the fifth price increase in the past eight years. ABC News published a fare breakdown by the Associated Press listing every increase in the past 111 years, since the subway opened in 1904. Here are those 22 increases in chart form, from the original 5-cent fare to the current $2.75. While the above chart shows a steady rise to today's price, the inflation-adjusted chart below shows the fare growing in fits and starts, even dipping in the late '70s.
Note that the adjustments for inflation are imperfect because the first government inflation data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics via the St.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York (MTA) has announced that it’s considering massive prices hikes.
When looking at the history of New York City subway price increases, this latest proposed cost increase is almost farcical.
I will admit that New York does have some of the best public transportation in the world (despite recent route revisions and cuts). Maybe it’s a matter of needing the money to fix the issues but not being able to get the money until the issues are fixed.
News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. And just for fun, in 1964—when it was apparently way more fun to ride the subway—the NYC Transit Authority created the promotional video below to encourage people to take the train to The World’s Fair.

When you're looking at a difference of $2.70 over a century with an average historical 3% rate of inflation every year, it turns out that the fare hasn't risen as much as the unadjusted graph would indicate. Louis Fed's FRED database is from 1913, and because March data isn't yet available (we used January 2015 dollars). New York public transportation prices are already one of the highest in the country, if not around the world. This is one of the few cities where most people find that owning a car is a larger hassle than not owning a car.
It is not my fault that the MTA was unable to balance their budget and are now deeply in debt. I’m sure there are tons of improvements being made to the subway system behind the scenes, but the average commuter has no idea about the details of these changes.
But these problems have been prevalent through all the previous fair hikes, so excuse me if I don’t think charging $130 for a monthly metro card is going to do anything at all. Monthly unlimited Metro Card users have a median household income of $63000 and average 59 trips, the MTA said. So the single swipe price is staying the same, but they’re messing with the unlimited cards.
However cheery it may be, the video was actually released at the height of the civil rights movement when there was plenty of unrest and fear permeating the city streets. With the current proposal, prices for an unlimited monthly metro card would raise from $89 to $130!

Between subways, buses, and taxis, one can easily travel anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City at any time. Psychologically, it’s extremely dumb to raise prices, especially so drastically, without giving the public any tangible improvements. Coin-operated subway turnstiles took nickels and then dimes when the fare became ten cents.
Instead, we see the MTA cutting service and trains, stations still falling apart, and subway cars with almost unbearable conditions.
Tokens replaced coins in 1953, when the fare rose to 15 cents, since turnstiles couldn’t handle two different coins.
Riders feel this way, therefore it is up to the organization to act accordingly, either by addressing common complaints directly or improving communication in regards to behind the scenes changes currently underway.
In fact, I would be perfectly content to pay more money for my metrocard if there were marked improvements being made to the trains and subway stations.

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