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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! The problem is that most of the stations that are being redone still look like sht even after a complete reconstruction.
Most of the stations on the 2 line in The Bronx have been completely redone in the last 5 years or so.
There are many clean and maintained stations in The Bronx especially some of the elevated ones. Until we have a city full of respectful residents and tourists we will never have anything nice. The City Is My Muse, featuring new works, along with older paintings and memorabilia, by the legendary Chris “Daze” Ellis, opened this past month at the  Museum of the City of New York. Featured in this past Monday’s New York Times, Nic 707’s ingenious Instafame Phantom Art project continues to transform NYC subway cars into instant galleries. The brainchild of veteran graffiti writer Nic707,  InstaFame Phantom Art continues to bring graffiti back to NYC trains — with artists from across the globe now contributing to this ingenious project.
Born and raised on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, George “SEN One” Morillo first got up in his neighborhood in 1980. If you are interested in viewing and purchasing some of SEN One’s artwork, he is conducting an Open House at his art studio through the end of this month.
Our main inspiration was the idea of writin’ our names everywhere and becoming known or famous.
You became known for your social and political messages – like “Hang Nixon,” and “Free Puerto Rico.” Can you tell us something about that?
From a young age, I always had a strong sense of social awareness and was sensitive to injustice the world over.
Probably having to climb down from the elevated tracks of the 4 train to the street in the cold winter while the cops were chasing me and others. In 1970, I co-founded with MANI, SALVAJES, the first all-Latino writin’ group in Brooklyn. It’s bittersweet as it takes it out of its original vandalism context and brings it into the world of commerce. Stations mostly with side platforms, island platforms are located at: Sudbahnhof, Schweizer Platz, Hohemark.
Sudbahnhof - Willy-Brandt-Platz including the Schweizer Platz station: tunnel built in shotcrete mining tunneling contruction method.
Tunnel section between Heddernheimer Landstra?e and Romerstadt including the underground station Nordwestzentrum, cut-and-cover.
U1 grade-separated section, partly elevated from Romerstadt to Ginnheim in a central reservation of a main traffic road. U3 private right of way Zeilweg station - Oberursel Bahnhof along roads; side or central reservation Oberursel Bahnhof - Hohemark terminus. A at-grade branch from Niederursel to Kalbach with two new stations is under construction to connect Riedenberg to the U-Bahn.

October 4, 1968: Light Rail Line A1 (today's U1) opens between Hauptwache and Nordweststadt, 9km (4km in tunnel), with 6 underground and 8 surface stations. December 19, 1971: U-bahn operation begins on line A2 (today's U2) between Hauptwache and Bad Homburg Gonzenheim.
May 27, 1978: U-bahn line U3 begins operation between Theaterplatz (Willy-Brandt-Platz) and Hohemark. April 23, 1989: New surface station, Niddapark, added between Romerstadt and Ginnheim on line U1.
Tunnel Section: The tunnels and stations between Bornheim Mitte and Merianplatz are on two levels, because of the narrow street. A new tunnel was proposed to be built from Bockenheim Warte to the U1-station at Ginnheim with two new underground stations to replace a tram-section. Underground extension from Seckbacher Landstra?e to Seckbach Azelbergplatz, one subway station, route U4. April 29th, 1974: The section between the ramp at Scheffeleck near Konstablerwache to Theaterplatz (today known as Willy-Brandt-Platz) opened.
The tunnel portion of the route was mostly built by mine tunneling construction or by shield tunneling, and the stations by open cast methods.
Four track tunnel between Hauptwache and Konstablerwache, the inner pair of tracks is used by the S-Bahn, the outer ones by the U-Bahn.
Leipziger Platz station has two levels, outbound trains use the upper one, inbound the lower platform. Bockenheimer Warte station in level -2, connection to the line U4 in the deeper platform level, there is also a track connection between both tunnels. Hauptwache station in level -2, one island platform for the S-Bahn, two shorter side platforms for the lines U6 and U7, connection to the lines U1, U2 and U3 in the deeper platform level.
Zoo station has three tracks, one island platform for inbound trains, one platform between the tracks only for the outbound track.
Surface section Eissporthalle - Enkheim (line U7) in a side reservation north of the road Am Erlenbruch and on a central reservation along the Borsigallee. The problems is that they can only do a handful at a time and it will take decades to finish them all. Here are some images captured on a recent ride from East Tremont in the Bronx to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. One of the first writers to get his name up in the early 70’s, MICO also used the trains that rolled through NYC to deliver powerful socio-political messages. In Colombia, it is quite customary to be called a nickname, so we called him MICO, which means monkey in Colombia.  That guy actually did look like a monkey.
Back in the winter of 1972, Slim 1, a young Chinese writer, and I were bombing a newly-found RR underground train yard at City Hall. And instead of your work being in a public space for everyone to enjoy or hate, it now belongs to some collector who hides the work in his or her collection. Ginnheim station: five tracks, three are used by the line U1 and two by the trams, one side platform and two island platforms.

The line runs in mixed traffic with tram lines in the section Hauptwache to Zeilweg, with the trams entering the tunnel at the south end via a temporary ramp at Taunustor.
Three underground stations, 1.9 km, included joint service with tram-route B1 between Gie?ener Stra?e and Theaterplatz (today's U5). 1 line and became a member of IBM (Incredible Bombing Masters), one of NYC’s most celebrated graffiti crews.
And I used it to hit the base of a store window at the corner of Beverly Road and Flatbush Avenue. Once I started hittin’ the trains, I realized that I could use them as a vehicle to communicate socio-political stuff throughout NYC. Apparently, they already had a video surveillance camera down there, and they sent down a uniformed cop to chase us out.  We ran into the tunnel and made our way to Canal Street.
In fact, it was the first time in history that a spray paint masterpiece on canvas was purchased in an art gallery setting.
Hauptwache station in level - 3, connection to the S-Bahn and the lines U6 and U7 in level -2.
The U5 line has an above ground section, basically a tram with street running sections in the inner city and running in a reserved right of way in the outer areas.
The new Heerstra?e station with island platform replaced the former Heerstra?e and Ebelfeld stations. Enkheim terminus has a bus terminal between the tracks to create door-to-door connections between the U-Bahn and the buses.
When asked to design an original cover for Time Out New York, SEN One painted a tribute to that era. I also, began meeting other writers like Undertaker Ash, WG, King of Kools, Dino Nod, Half, DECO, and along with my new found Colombian friends, we decided to start competing with those other writers that were already hittin’ the neighborhood walls. But when we got there, Detective Steve Schwartz, the notorious detective of the MTA’s anti-graffiti force, was waiting for us.
Now the friendly competition we had engaged in with the other writers in East Flatbush became an all-city friendly competition with writers from the Bronx, Manhattan and the rest of Brooklyn.
In 2006 I was one of five US artists invited to participate in the 9th Havana Art Biennial.
This friendly competition, however, began at the same time that a guerilla war against the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority started — with life and death consequences.
Hauptbahnhof station with four tracks in level -2, transfer to the S-Bahn-lines in level -4. Bockenheimer Warte station in level -3, transfer to the routes U6 and U7 (level -2) at the northern end of the station. The stations are built in cut and cover methods, the tunnels are mostly constructed by closed (mining) techniques with two one-track tube tunnels.

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