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Anyway, enjoy the finer details of the new map, and kudos to those who can spot the one mistake I’ve found so far. They also missed Union Square Park, which is still the old emerald Parkland color, not the new olive Parkland color. Yeah, it’s slightly less cluttered but I still pity poor tourists wielding these enormous things and having to puzzle out the routes. I personally found the New York geographic map a lot more enlightening than I did the schematic of Singapore, which left me wondering where each station was located.
Although perhaps not a mistake, the Rockaway Park Shuttle now seems to be represented by a blue line instead of a grey one, but still has grey boxes for its termini.
How do they figure out how connections to the commuter railroads (LIRR, Metro-North)are shown? With the Brighton Line station rehab in progress through September 2011, there is no express service anyway.
For the longest time I could not figure out why there was that M terminus indicator at Myrtle Avenue, so close to Middle Village. They sure did take an odd liberty in both the placement and geographical direction of the Verrazano Bridge. Another mistake between DeKalb Av and Pacific St: the R is not shown as a direct connection between both stations. I picked up a copy of the new rail map from 3 Stone Street in Lower Manhattan today, and the printed copy is exactly like the online sample here, including the errors.

It’s misleading the way one-way express (3-track) service is designated by a split or double line, as with the D, 5 and 6 in the Bronx and the 7 in Queens. Carengie Hall is equipped to accommodate those with sight, hearing and physical disabilities.
On Friday, we explored how the MTA is using the service cuts to refresh and declutter the map. The MTA has certainly started clearing up the clutter, and while the drop-shadow gray lines can be slightly awkward, I think they work to highlight the routes. If the MTA has the liberty to distort geography, there’s certainly room for the Port Washington Line even with the service note box. The Map combines both schematic and geographic elements and thereby becomes less than ideal for any use.
The 3rd Avenue Line was the only line that served the station, and that was torn down in 1973. It makes the one-way express lines look like they provide more service than the full-time two-way express lines. Draw the two-way express (4-track) stretches with a thicker pen than the 2-track lines; the 3-track lines could have an intermediate thickness. Made for capable NYC travelers who don't need step-by-step directions but just wants a quick reference once in awhile. Plus, they did not continue the map to the border of Nassau, and one of the train stations’ name is cut off.

It’s too cluttered for those times you just want to figure out the service patterns of the lines, and the geography is too distorted to use in the manner you described above. But there’s no indication on The Map, and the only reason I can guess at is that the M shuttle also runs on weekends in addition to late-nights. They now use open white circles or ovals for express stations, and filled-in black circles for local stations.
The authority last employed such a device in the mid-1990s when Manhattan Bridge service led to massive service changes based on the time of day. Overall, I liked the old map better, even if Staten Island was most geographically inaccurate. Of course, now that the route guide is gone, there’s no way to make sense out of all the otherwise random attempts at trying to indicate the service variations. At the very least the MTA could put a lot more effort into their online maps and schedules.

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