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The New York Times reports that starting this Friday, "The Weekender", an online-only, interactive map that will be available on the MTA's homepage every Friday afternoon until early Monday morning, will show the city's subway system for the tangled mess it often is on the weekends. The retro design of the map is modeled after the much beloved 1970s-era Massimo Vignelli guide, so missed by some New Yorkers that a copy is on display in the Museum of Modern Art.
The interactive map is searchable by line, borough and station, and it flags trouble spots with blinking lights.
Saturday and Sunday straphangers in New York know too well that the MTA takes advantage of the weekends to make repairs on the tracks.

Click, and the site will reveal a rundown of what woe awaits, whether a closed platform or an unexpected station stop. Service is often delayed, trains get rerouted, and other trains run different paths altogether. The L train, for example, is completely canceled along a good chunk of its route for two weekends this month.
If you wish to use a subway map in your own project, you should consider licensing the official MTA map, or try New York City Subway Route Map by SPUI, which is in the public domain.

Additionally, if you are having trouble seeing the map below (perhaps because you have disabled JavaScript in your browser), Click Here.

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