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Below you will find some information about the MTA Subway, how to get a metrocard, buses, & taxis. Some trains are local trains which stop at every station along the route, others are express trains that only stop at the most popular destinations.  Check to make sure that the train your on stops at the place you want to go!
There are weekend service changes ALL THE TIME.  Since you will be here on the weekend, check the MTA website for any delays so that you aren’t late and frustrated later.
Getting up and down town is easier than getting across town.  Sometimes the cross town buses can be faster, particularly up past 60th st.
Earth Day 2008 celebration in April was commemorated with set of 5 metrocards with distinguish green colors on both sides of metrocard (on regular metrocards front side has MertoCard in gold color). This MetroCard has been issued to promote web site and been distributed only in Chelsea area subway stations.

Chase bank promoted with this metrocard usage of its debit or credit card at metrocard vending machines.
In the end of 2008 famous Triboro Bridge connecting 2 boroughs the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens has been renamed after Robert F.
It allows customers to pay for the ride on the bus stop rather than in the bus itself which suppose to speed up boarding of passengers. Card was distributed only in Downtown area subway stations and has lower number of circulation.
Metrocard could give $10 off regular ticket for Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
Later the same service was introduced in Manhattan and there are plans to do the same in other boroughs.

Chase repeated this campaign twice during 2008, but only one card is known has been released. This metrocard was available only for purchase to ride on airtrain between airport and subway stations. At the same time after customer purchased this card it can be used on regular basis for subway and bus rides.

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