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What to Know When Using the NY SubwayThe New York subway is actually quite simple once you get the hang of itWhile using the NY subway may seem confusing to first-time NYC tourists, it's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.
NYC Subway DestinationsThe NYC subway is the cheapest and easiest way to explore New York City.The NYC subway map extends to most areas of New York City, with the exception of Staten Island, which is serviced by the Staten Island Railway. The so-called "X line" subway route could carry some 76,000 riders a day through the outer boroughs.
If there's ever a time to raise the idea of some big public works project, it's during the run-up to an election. All the while there's a subway expansion project capable of carrying some 76,000 riders a day through three outer boroughs that no one's discussing at all. Zupan and colleagues proposed the Triboro Rx as part of RPA's third regional plan back in 1996.
Brooklyn section of the X line (in black) via the "Future NYC Subway" map by Andrew Lynch. Each NY subway station features an easy-to-use NYC subway map, explaining all of the NY subway routes and schedules. Manhattan has the most subway stations, including two of the most famous subway stations - Grand Central Station and Penn Station.The NYC Subway System is particularly useful for NY tourists in town for a baseball game at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field - each of which have their own station.
Right on cue the mayoral candidates of New York City have proposed some whoppers in recent weeks.

Arcing through the outer boroughs, the X line would connect with at least 20 different subway lines — providing "countless new intra- and inter-borough options," in the words of the '96 report. Several years ago, an RPA intern named Michael Frumin worked with Zupan to develop a preliminary ridership estimate of 76,000 commuters a day.
Of course there's still the fact that none of the mayoral candidates are discussing the Triboro Rx. Easily the cheapest and most convenient form of transportation in NYC, the New York subway system is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Also, NY subway stations are easy to find, especially in Midtown Manhattan, where there is a subway station seemingly every couple of blocks. Other NYC tourist attractions connected to the subway NY include Times Square (42nd St-Times Square), Rockefeller Center (47-50 Sts Rockefeller), and the American Museum of Natural History (81st St-Museum of Natural History), just to name a few.Quite simply, the NYC subway is the cheapest and easiest way to explore New York City. Joe Lhota resurrected the idea of a subway line to Staten Island, Christine Quinn proposed bringing the MTA under greater city control, and Anthony Weiner reportedly intends to tear up some of the bike lanes the current administration worked so hard to put into place.
Riders could travel from Sunset Park in Brooklyn to Mott Haven in the Bronx via Jackson Heights and Astoria in Queens without ever hitting Manhattan in the process. That figure would give the X line more weekday riders than Miami's entire Metrorail system has [PDF]. The NY subway gives NYC tourists the chance to see all of the most popular tourist attractions in New York, as well as the experience of riding one of the world's most impressive public transportation systems.

The Federal Railroad Administration has requirements [PDF] for tracks shared by freight and passenger rail that initial plans might not meet. Additionally, RPA is finishing up a new study of the outer boroughs that Zupan says could easily bring more attention to the X line in the near future. The MTA recently told Dana Rubinstein of Capital NY that it "never formally backed" the X line concept. The second option is a Pay-Per-Ride Card, which allows NYC subway commuters to put anywhere from $4.50- $100 on one card.
Finally, an Unlimited Ride Card, which is good for one month and is only recommended for travelers making an extended stay in NYC.
Also, never enter an empty subway car, as you never know who might enter the car after you. Keep your purse close to you at all times, and put your wallet in your front pocket to avoid the risk of pickpocketting. Finally, don't stand too close to the subway tracks - in fact, it is recommended that commuters remain in the designated waiting areas at all NYC subway stations.Click here for more New York City safety tips!

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