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After winning the Democratic caucuses in Wyoming on Saturday, Sanders has now won seven of the past eight state contests. Don’t you just love to see people knitting in unexpected places? Thanks to news aggregators and sites like Pinterest, images of knitting in extremis are increasingly easy to find. It’s not just that I’m curious about when and where people knit or that I like the odd sense of community such images provide. Knitting your way through to the other side happens in the most mundane circumstances as well, of course. Researchers theorized that we have two brains—not the right and left, but the reptilian brain (known as the brain stem) and the cerebral cortex (what we think of when we picture the brain).
You could do a whole series of people knitting in hospital waiting rooms ?? I finally got around to frogging the project(s) I tried to work on while Jay was having his brain surgery.
Enter your email address to subscribe to Knit Potion and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mr Cruz is hoping to win at least enough votes to block an outright win for Mr Trump and force a decision at the party's convention in July.That means Clinton has 1,286 delegates based on primaries and caucuses to Sanders' 1,037.

I also like to be reminded that people reach for knitting when they’re stuck in the hard middle. But why does it help? No photo raises the question more strikingly than this one from 1947 of a woman knitting in the middle of the ruins of Berlin. Herbert Benson), to brain chemicals, to the implications of the idea that the body prioritizes what it sees and feels. And one group did a simple, repetitive task (like hitting one key and then another on a keyboard) while it watched. As it turned out, the group least traumitized was the group working through the repetive task. So the panicky part of the brain was kept busy with the keyboarding, and the people in that group could use their reasoning brains to realize that what they were seeing was a horrible thing but that they were not personally theatened by it.
The two-term Democratic president - who leaves office in January - says that's because American politics "value sensationalism or conflict over cooperation, and we don't have the ability to compromise". Across history and across cultures, the idea that knitting can help you make it through to the other side appears over and over again.

She explained that when you touch something, your brain has to shift its focus to the input from touching, which  can lessen input from the other senses (such as internal indications of pain).
Talking to others uses the cerebral cortex, so the group that was talking had their reasoning brains engaged while their reptilian brains were reacting in panic. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.Bernie Sanders is pointing to his growing string of statewide wins and Hillary Clinton to her still-commanding lead in the delegate hunt as the Democratic rivals jostle for momentum heading into New York's big primary later this month.
The state - which is overwhelmingly Republican - only awards 14 delegates, meaning Sanders barely puts a dent in Clinton's more than 200-delegate lead.In a stark warning for Donald Trump as he eyes a possible general election showdown with Hillary Clinton, Americans trust the Democratic front-runner more than the Republican businessman to handle a wide range of issues - from immigration to health care to nominating Supreme Court justices.

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