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A Manhattan judge denied bail late Wednesday to a man charged with shoving a Korean immigrant onto subway tracks where he died after being hit by a train. Lin said victim Ki-Suck Han, 58, had been described by witnesses as "rolling over a few times like a bowling ball'' before being struck by a train as it pulled into a crowded Manhattan subway station Monday afternoon. Davis' attorney, Stephen Pokart, told the court that two out of three witnesses failed to pick Davis out of a series of lineups Wednesday morning.
He added that Han might have been intoxicated, and suggested that the fatal push might have been an act of self-defense. Pokart cited a news account that quoted Han's wife as saying her husband "left home drunk and angry" after an argument. Davis could be heard arguing with Han before the fatal shove, according to surveillance video from the station. Police are also awaiting toxicology results on Han, who was found with an empty pint bottle of vodka on him when he died, according to sources. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Some New York politicians say they'll seek to make the perverted practice of 'grinding' up against women  on the subway to masturbate a felony.
Tuesdaya€™s Daily News reported that chronic subway perv Darnell Hardware got off without jail time after ejaculating on three women in separate incidents a€” courtesy of a decision by the statea€™s highest court.
The Court of Appeals ruled in March that Hardware could not be charged with a felony since his penis-rubbing wasna€™t a violent crime under law.
Because of the decision, frustrated prosecutors have watched Hardware and other deviants sail through the court system with little or no jail time. The vice president of the New York Press Photographers Association says police are routinely cracking down on amateur and professional photographers alike on city subways, even though ita€™s perfectly legal to take picture anywhere on the subway and commuter rail systems. The previous excuse for the crackdown was concerns over terrorism, to which my thinking is that if a terrorist wants to do something nasty that a formal ban on photography won't stop them. If the MTA is serious about terrorism on the subway system they should work more on improving all of the exits on the subway system.
Founder Dave Herman has moved it from Grand and Havermeyer to a larger space on Metropolitan Avenue.
I was very depressed to spot an article in the New York Times on the last remaining book publisher in Williamsburg. For more than a century, the book business flourished inside two brick warehouses on South 11th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a block from the East River. This is sad because it's the the book publisher and the artists who have made the value of the real estate go up in the first place. Without the creative element Williamsburg might as well be any other spot in Brooklyn or Queens.
Spitzer, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says he's concerned that the Freedom Tower planned for the World Trade Center site may wind up being a building with no tenants.
He said that if elected governor, he'd move quickly to resolve any unresolved issues about who builds what. To be fair Spitzer is echoing a real concern that a new tall building will attract a terrorist attack, and I think America as a whole is smarting for the "Bring it on!" mindset due to Iraq.
I just realized that the Britney Birth Sculpture that I've been reading about all over the place will be on display in Williamsburg! Britney Spears will soon be giving birth again a€” in Brooklyn, as a sexy sculpture that has drawn thousands of hate e-mails.
I'm not crazy about the sculpture itself, but I think it's great that the artist has managed to ape the Koons celeb angle, playing to politics, and getting press attention - which is it's own artform. No matter the day job, in New York an artist's occupation often is staying one step ahead of the real estate market. It's funny because this is the second time I've heard about how cheap real estate is in Germany.
Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum, the spiritual leader of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect with tens of thousands of followers worldwide, died Monday. The Satmars have 120,000 followers worldwide, according to sociologist Samuel Heilman, with large congregations in Brooklyn and the village of Kiryas Joel, 45 miles northwest of New York City.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg called Teitelbaum "a gentle soul who carried himself with poise and distinction. Rabbi Teitelbaum came to US fleeing the Nazi holocaust in 1946, where he lost his wife and children.
I was walking home over the bridge tonight (around 10:30pm) when I noticed that there were helicopters searching the water. My heart goes out to tht poor motorcycle driver and everyone else involved in the accident, and I have to say that my hat goes off to the police who were on the scene searching in the dark waters by the bridge. I loved They Might Be Giants back in the 90s, but someone needs to tell Flansburgh that the music types are now living out by Bushwick.
None of the elite streaming out of Manhattan and over the pretty bridge to the mirror world on the other side want to live on St. While the North sees the South as moneyed squares, the South frowns on the North as poseursa€”intellectual lightweights. On my Flickr page someone posted some interesting inside information on the closing of Clovis Press.
They're a signature part of the city skyline, and even in the 21st century, wood water tanks still have a unique and necessary job here, providing water to millions of homes. The owner of the Brooklyn warehouse that went up in flames last month was served with criminal environmental charges Wednesday, the same day a homeless man was charged with arson in the case.

That's one count for each day they allegedly failed to make repairs to deteriorating piers and bulkheads after being ordered by the city to do so. At the age of 87, Frank Cunningham of Queens figured he'd go to his grave never knowing exactly what happened to his brother George during World War II.
George Cunningham was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the fourth of six children. The movement knowingly embraces all things geeky in a marriage of the cutting edge and the socially retarded. I think people who write this stuff just don't understand what makes Williamsburg enjoyable. Engine 212 in Williamsburg, Engine 204 in Cobble Hill and Engine 36 in Harlem have been declared "surplus property" by the Fire Department and will be unloaded by City Hall - even though activists are still clamoring to have the buildings reopened, city officials said. City officials say that their plan is right on schedule, especially by the waterfront, where construction has started on projects that will produce 460 below-market apartments, plus an initial few acres of parkland. In September, the citya€™s Department of Buildings received 337 complaints about construction in Greenpoint-Williamsburg, more than twice the filings from the community board of another fast-growing area nearby. Davis told police that Han was harassing him and would not leave him alone, so he pushed Han. We are suffering in sorrow but we have the support of our family, friends and church to help us through this time," Ashley Han, the victim's daughter, said in court. It's also a bit of a lost cause as if they focused on taking a photo they could return to the same location several times until a police officer or MTA official wasn't in view, and afterall it only takes a second or two to take a picture anyway. Frankly a terrorist can target any space that has a large population, so while Grand Central Station is at risk, so is any major store at Christmas time.
This is a new location for the storefront collection of oddities and relics from New York City history, which doubles as a center for civic information. It's made up of his own items, along with the collections of neighbors and friends, like a sandwich pick from the now closed Second Avenue Deli, and an entire binder full of Statue of Liberty postcards.
Since the late 19th century, when the six-story structures were built between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue, they have often been occupied by publishers and presses, both recognized and rarefied.
Residents said the new owner made it clear to some of them that it wanted them to move out and began eviction proceedings against others.
I'd call for more laws to protect the arts in Williamsburg, but I'm also surprised that real estate developers don't see the value that the arts bring to their value.
If developers were smart they would incorporate the arts into their plans as a selling point, instead of working against them.
On NY1's "Inside City Hall" Friday night, Spitzer gave his most extensive comments yet about the rebuilding effort in Lower Manhattan.
If the terrorists are going to attack NYC again they can always attack the Empire State building if we don;t build Freedom Tower.
If the terrorists attack again it doesn't mean that they will crash another aircraft into a tall building. It's going to take at least 5 to 10 years to build Freedom Tower, that means we won't have anything up in the sky until 2011 or even 2016. This is great as it puts the limelight on Williamsburg and takes it away from Chelsea in terms of the public mindspace. This was true for Joe Amrhein, an artist who, in 1994, found himself dissatisfied with "just going to openings and parties and sending out slides." He decided to open a gallery in what was then an inexpensive neighborhood, North Williamsburg.
Thousands of mourners crammed into Teitelbaum's Brooklyn synagogue Monday night waiting for his body to be brought into the main sanctuary. From the fires of the Holocaust, the grand rebbe and his uncle performed a miracle here in New York by rebuilding their community to match its glory days in Europe," Bloomberg said in a statement. While out for an enjoyable stroll on Bedford Anenue, I came across a "going out of business sale" for the Clovis Press Bookstore. As I approached the center of the walkway I was informed by people standing by that there had ben an accident that caused a man to be thrown over the bridge. I hate to admit it, but maybe this isn't yet another case of landlord greed in Williamsburg. The Brooklyn DA has charged Joshua Guttman and his son, Jack Guttman, with 434 counts of failure to maintain privately owned waterfront property where the Greenpoint Warehouses stood.
Then two weeks ago, a call came out of the blue from an official at the Defense Department who said his brother's remains had been recovered and positively identified.
When their mother, Alice, died from pneumonia in 1936, he dropped out of school and got a job as a truck driver to help support his family. He said George, who hadn't married, was the only one of his four brothers who didn't come home from the battlefield.
This is avant-nerdism: a new sensibility, an updated hip-to-be-square attitudea€”even a new rumbling of the collective consciousness.
Fashionwise, its manifestations have been noticeable for years on the streets of Nolita, Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. Firstly Williamsburg is in the shadow of Manhattan, so it has a slightly off the beaten path quality to it which is it's charm.
Three years after Mayor Bloomberg outraged some neighborhood leaders by closing several firehouses to save money, City Hall is quietly preparing to sell several of the buildings, officials said yesterday. But among many residents and community leaders, there is a nagging sense that the government has not moved fast enough to keep pace with developers. He had been charged earlier Wednesday with one count of second-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder with depraved indifference.
In fact it's no even so much a terrorist issue as public safety one - if there was a fire at a subway station people might in fact get killed as everyone would rush to try and exit the station through the turnstiles.

In recent decades, artists and performers moved in, but now they, along with the last remaining book publisher, may have to leave soon.
About three dozen residents in 13 living spaces went on a rent strike, and have withheld their payments for about a year. One of the reasons I moved to Williamsburg was that there are artist spaces and galleries to explore.
In fact if you look at the attacks in London and Madrid you could say that mass transit is more at risk. I think the federal government should take the lead and show NYC that it's doing a better job with homeland security by putting as many federal agencies into that building.
It's hardly a Brooklyn arts movement, but it's a good sign for the art galleries in Williamsburg. Today his enterprise, Pierogi, is the area's unofficial cultural hub, where artists, curators and collectors regularly drop in. He's not adding an outpost in Chelsea, as eight of his neighbors have done, or moving there outright, as Ms.
Teitelbaum -- the rebbe, or grand rabbi, of the Satmar Hassidim -- died at Mount Sinai Hospital, said community leader Isaac Abraham.
Thousands more congregated outside, and police sent hundreds of officers to control the crowds.
This wonderful yet small and charming bookstore was like a local landmark for me on Bedford. I also heard the unconfirmed rumor that the motorcycle was going the wrongway (but hard to tell if that was the case). A nude Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a 'first' for Pro-Life. Flansburgh, 47, who has lived in that neighborhood for over 20 years, watching as bars and boutiques began to choke Bedford Ave.
Relatively," said Christian, a 29-year-old Williamsburg transplant who moved there from Park Slope and regrets it. In fact it seems some of the folks who worked there tried to buy the store out before it went down. George Cunningham was a radioman on a C-47A cargo plane that vanished 61 years ago on a flight over New Guinea.
Berlin on the other hand is the capital city of Germany, which hardly makes it off the beaten path. Almost everywhere you stand in Williamsburg you can see the construction cranes invading the landscape. It's hard to get into the mind of a terrorist, but if anything they will attack in a setting that you wouldn't expect them to attack. There will come a time within the next 10 years that our economy will boom again, and having office space is important to keeping jobs in NYC.
This is the image of birth," Daniel Edwards said of his work, to be unveiled at a Brooklyn gallery in April, months after Edwards' sculpture of Ted Williams severed head stirred up an artistic storm.
You would never see a bookstore like this in Manhattan, and the shop is one of things that makes Williamsburg a special place to live (and one of the many reasons I moved). As I walked further sadly I saw the motorcycle off to the side rail of the bridge in an upside down position, with cars parked around it (and plenty of police at hand). Pop-star Britney Spears is the "ideal" model for Pro-Life and the subject of a dedication at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn's Williamsburg gallery district, in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth, in April. Saint Reverend Jen, the elfin host of the Anti-Slam open-mike night at Cake Shop on Ludlow Street. In exchange for letting developers build residential towers on the waterfront, where factories had stood for decades, the city created a plan that it said would add residential growth and preserve the character of the neighborhood inland. The life-size pop princess is naked and pregnant, crouching face-down on a bare-toothed bear rug as the baby's head appears on the opposite end. Instead, in what may be the boldest coup yet for the expanding hipster nation, next month he's adding a branch in Leipzig, Germany.
The North Brooklyn of do-it-yourself fashion and vinyl siding (Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick) just feels separate from brownstone South Brooklyn (from Fort Greene to Park Slope).
At the same time, the plan was to provide thousands of apartments for low- and middle-income families, acres of green space, and protection for residents and businesses being displaced by the growth. In fact a good engine for the economy might be to use some of the space in Freedom Tower as an incubator space to encourage and grow new companies.
The location is the Spinnerei, a former cotton-spinning mill that is now home to artists' studios and galleries associated with the Leipzig school of painting. Between the 2nd and 3rd floors, you can see 2 indents on the outside wall of 143 North 7th that were left by the 2 counterweights of the lower part of the crane. Great for the owner, who watched her profits increase, and got three managers for the price of three peons.
But slowly I've watched the match of progress creep from Bedford to Havemeyer Street - and now the very north of Keap Street. By the way the nice photo in the upper right is by Fabian who has taken some nice shots of Williamsburg.

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