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And unlike Uber, which raises prices for times like tonight, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is working to make it easier to get around. Tomorrow (New Year's Day), New York City's subways, buses, and some trains will run on a weekend schedule.
The subway station project was delayed for nearly three years while Transit Wireless, the company chosen to set up the system at no cost to the NY MTA, got its financing in order. New York City straphangers are of two minds about the lack of WiFi and cell phone service in the subway.
There's something for both sides in the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority's current project to bring the internet and phone use underground.  For those who want the service because it'll help emergency responders communicate and help riders use transit apps on their mobile devices--or because they absolutely MUST check their emails or headlines--they'll have it at three stations by the end of the year. For those who don't want to hear a stranger discuss his grocery list at high volume, it'll be a full four years before the system's remaining 271 platforms are wirelessly enabled. Transit Wireless will charge telecom companies for use of the wireless signal and then split the profits with the MTA.
The NY MTA also says there will be WiFi and cell phone service in a non-subway tunnel -- on its Metro-North commuter line between 97th Street and Grand Central Terminal, and in the terminal itself. NY MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said the main benefit would be improved safety on platforms. This monk parakeet sitting in a nest in the borough of Brooklyn is a non-native New Yorker. Subway riders on New York City's N train found a fishy surprise on Wednesday: a dead shark riding with them on their daily commute.
A 7-foot (2-meter) male dolphin drifted into the polluted waters of New York City's Gowanus Canal in January. Several coyotes have been spotted in Central Park, and one was chased by the police through lower Manhattan in 2010.
A malnourished 60-foot fin whale washed up on the Jamaica Bay beach in Breezy Point, Queens, in 2012. A caiman, initially thought to be an alligator or crocodile, was spotted underneath a car in Queens in 2010. A colony of little brown bats nesting inside an Upper West Side water tower flew into a high-rise residence in 2006.

Bright green parrots known as monk parakeets can be seen swooping down from giant nests in Brooklyn. It’s fitting that we kick off our countdown of the 10 objects that tell the story of New York with an object that, quite literally, lets us explore the city. The many versions of the subway map may have their own aesthetic objectors, but each map has certainly proved to be versatile. Leonard Lopate hosts the conversation New Yorkers turn to each afternoon for insight into contemporary art, theater, and literature, plus expert tips about the ever-important lunchtime topic: food.
Forgotten NY was the first recipient of the Outstanding NYC Website award by the Guides Association of NYC in March 2015!
Forgotten New York is a program of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, a non-profit organization supported by the Long Island City community. The authority's board selected the company in 2007 but didn't give it a "notice to proceed" until Broadcast Australia decided to back the company in July 2010.
They see it as either a galling void or a sanctuary from modern life's near-constant connectivity.
The authority says it expects to earn at least $30 million dollars over ten years from the deal.
According to marine biologists, his death was not caused by pollution in the canal, but rather by a damaged kidney, parasites, and stomach ulcers.
Their unique croak led a team of scientists to question their previous belief that the wetland species was another type of leopard frog. Known for living in small packs and for being territorial, the animals may have traveled through the Adirondacks to the city to increase their range. Environmentalists believe they returned to dine on the fish and other marine life that have increased now that the waters are cleaner. When young bats leave the darkness of their habitats to forage for insects with their colony, they often become disoriented and appear in unlikelya€”and unwelcomea€”places. As the New York Times points out, the city’s 1948 map “tries to show the physical contortions of the subway lines, the way they wobble, zigzag and belly inward or out as the land dictates.” Then, in 1972, the city hired Italian designer Massimo Vignelli, who produced this more abstract map.
It has to be detailed enough explain how to get from the Bronx to the Battery on an express train on a Sunday night yet simple enough that a tourist who has no idea what the Bronx, the Battery or an express train is can read it.

He described today's map not as "geographic, but quasi-geographic" and pointed out a few distortions on the map (1st, 2nd and 3rd Avenues are all incorrectly shown at an angle between 14th and 42nd streets). They've been framed and hung in homes across the country, turned into an avant-garde online musical instrument and even been plastered on shower curtains and underwear.  Of course, any object that tries to explain the city is going to be controversial.
Seven years earlier, police caught a 4-foot-long (1.2-meter-long) crocodile roaming through a Queens park. Native to Argentina, their arrival supposedly can be traced back to the 1960s, when a crate with parrots burst open at Kennedy International Airport. That's probably the case because — for better or worse — a subway map is the map that explains much of the city’s geography to us. That map was controversial and eventually abandoned, though some have called it "ahead of its time." Vignelli was recently asked by the MTA to update his 1972 design for the Agency's new Weekender website. But maybe that quality makes it a quintessential New York object: whether it is loved or hated, everyone has an opinion on how to improve it. As a market leading news resource since 1967, WCBS reaches millions of listeners each week and boasts one of the […]1010 WINS1010 WINS invented all news radio and is the longest-running all news station in the country.
The subway map as we know it today was introduced in 1979 and has been tweaked over the years, including a "simplified" update in 2010.
For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. Most cities – like London and Tokyo – have schematic maps made up of clean, straight lines, which are pleasing to the eye but give you less information about what you’ll find once you get above ground. Famous […]WFANAs the world’s first 24-hour all-sports radio station, WFAN remains the premier sports talk radio station in the business. Not surprisingly, how to represent the street-level life of the city on a subway map has long been a major point of contention among New Yorkers.

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