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Each year, writing about the summer festival season requires sweeping away some of the refuse of winter. We fit in various trips to coffeehouses and clubs, mostly seeing favorite performers (Jerry Douglas at The Blue Note) and making, for us, the occasional new discovery (Natalia Zukerman at the Living Room). We took comfort from a book, The Bear Comes Home, by jazz critic Rafi Zabor, about a jazz sax-playing bear. Looking toward Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival for our first taste of summer riches, we notice Bethany and Rufus (Yarrow & Cappadocia). The Fifth Annual Mountain Jam has a whole lot of Trucks, both in the Allman Brothers Band and in the Derek Trucks Band.
The one-day benefit for Appel Farm "With a Little Help from My Friendsa€? supplants the actual festival this year. We suspect her political leaning must be left-of-center, considering who's she's married to. Some of the people showing up at Old Songs used to be regulars at Fox Hollow back in the 70's. There's no Johnny Shines or Reverend Gary Davis, but modern blues master Toby Walker is here to carry the torch onward into the 21st century.
This year's New Bedford Summerfest has that same stellar mix of trad and modern folk, but also contains a bit of Falcon Ridge flavor with John Gorka, Cliff Eberhardt, Richard Shindell, Red Molly and The Kennedys on the bill. Jimmy LaFave headlines annual The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, and we assume he's still on its board of directors. The audience at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival got more than their money's worth on Sunday last year. The Acoustic Live booth will once again be the scene of its own daily showcases every afternoon.
It's been a long time since I was a resident of the town I was born in, Bridgeport Conn., so it may be forgiven if I didn't know about The Gathering of the Vibes, now in its 10th year of existence. FREE Presented by the Huntington Arts Council and the Folk Music Society of Huntington 3pm until late evening Attendees are advised to bring chairs or blankets.
The Fourth Annual Huntington Folk Festival is a small, cozy one-day affair at Hecksher Park in Huntington, Long Island. We'll take off for the Philadelphia Folk Festival at around eight on Saturday morning, for our annual one-day jaunt, hoping to avoid the crush of beach traffic.
Since she lives close by, photographer Jayne Toohey of the Naked Folk Calendar will be there to give us a big hug (no clothes will be removed by anyone at this time). We are extremely excited to see that Jerry Douglas will be performing at Rhythm & Roots Festival this year. He and his group do so many things so well, as we found out at The Blue Note in NYC this last winter.
Buffy Sainte Marie is one of the headliners at Mariposa this year.A  We saw her a couple of years ago at Clearwater, still looking young and bursting with energy.
The David Bromberg Quartet.A  We first saw The Waybacks at Falcon Ridge a bunch of years ago. There is no good evidence that Yersinia pestis—the bacterium that causes plague—is riding aboard the New York City subway. All of these stories were based on a census of some of New York City’s smallest residents—its microbes. The researchers downplayed the significance of these results, saying that if Y.pestis was present, it was unlikely to be “active and causing disease in people”. The team arrived at their conclusions after compiling the DNA in each sample, breaking it down into smaller pieces, and then sequencing the fragments. Rob Knight, formerly at the University of Colorado Boulder, showed just how ludicrous this problem can get last year.
Mason’s team also identified DNA from many eukaryotes—that’s animals, plants, and other complex organisms—and listed the top species in one of their tables. Unlike the fly, Y.pestis does exist in the US, but in the southwest where it infects rodents. To convince their critics, Mason’s team would have to show that reads from the subway analysis map to the entirety of the Y.pestis plasmid. I contacted Chris Mason about these criticisms and he is preparing a blog post to address them, and others that he has received. As I mentioned, the paper has other interesting results and it might seem churlish to pick on this one.
Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist from the Harvard School of Public Health, agrees, and adds that panic-quelling follow-up stories, like this one, don’t help matters. Update: Nick Loman has put up a short post illustrating one of the problems I talked about in this post. Correction: The article was amended to note that Andrea Ottesen swabbed the tomato plants, rather than Rob Knight himself. Yet another example that shows that we are looking at microbes with the wrong magnification lenses, that is, their DNA.
People tend to pick and choose the science they will believe, typically based on politics and convenience but also based on whatever the media tell them matters.
You can sign up for The Ed’s Up—a weekly newsletter of my writing plus some of the best stuff from around the Internet.
Sign up for my weekly newsletter - The Ed's Up - to find out about my writing and other activities. DisclaimerThe views expressed are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the National Geographic Society. When I woke up Thursday morning the first thing I did was lay out my equipment on the floor.
Some of the equipment I brought for the swimPhotograph by Bob NeedhamNow that I had gotten that off my mind I headed out to get something to eat.
NYC Subway Map showing Lower Manhattan - Is it just me, or does this seem a bit complicated?With my iPhone in hand, the map's GPS function led me right to the correct set of stairs.
It's fanciful and funny, with zany and insightful observations on both the human and animal condition.
Coming up out of the subway at 34th and 8th, I push westward toward 10th Avenue for my 9-to-5. If there's any consolation to be found since Rushad Eggleston left Crooked Still, it would have to be any opportunity to hear Rufus Cappadocia. Between the zydeco of Terrence Simien and the Cajun of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, everybody better bring extra t-shirts. The Kennedys, Red Molly, the Greencards and Tracy Grammer actually provide some of both and Rhonda Vincent gives us a full dose of the high lonesome. On hand to lend a hand are some old friends, The Kennedys and Vance Gilbert (start laughter now -- avoid the last-minute rush). We'll miss the big party at Madison Square Garden, so we're glad we make it to both days of Clearwater every year. Groups that celebrate Pete's philosophical and political bent will be there, like Work 'o the Weavers and Hope Machine.
We don't know if Alejandro Escovedo will be strapping on his telecaster for his appearance here, but we've seen him play acoustic before and it's still a major event when he steps onto any stage.
Steve himself would be a natural for Clearwater, but we don't want to know what his asking price is these days.

There is still, however, French Canadian Benoit Bourque, a bear of a man, who combines accordion with dance. The first three names, Donna the Buffalo, Rusted Root and The Horse Flies all generate a bone-rattling bounce impulse in festival-goers.
We used to do one full Saturday and part of Sunday, but can't do that at this distance from NYC. We hope our readers reap all that the summer promises We'll be looking for you out on the festival trail! The Kennedys, Red Molly, the GreencardsA  and Tracy Grammer actually provide some of both and Rhonda VincentA  gives us a full dose of the high lonesome.
These days they get all plugged in and cover Led Zepplin, bluegrass stylea€¦A  and it's good! That’s the message from several microbiologists, in response to a wave of news stories that emerged last Friday. Over the course of 18 months, a team of scientists led by Christopher Mason from Weill Cornell Medical College swabbed surfaces all over the city, including every open subway station (see a video about their subway sampling here). For example, the bacteria from South Ferry Station, which was flooded by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, were closer to marine microbes than to those in the rest of the subway.
They then searched for these sequences—or “reads”—in a public database of genes from all known organisms. As Lipkin also noted, it’s prone to false alarms, because a given read could match DNA that’s found in many other bacteria besides Y.pestis.
His colleague, Andrea Ottesen at the FDA, swabbed tomato plants in a field in Virginia, and Knight analysed the DNA in those samples. In the case of Y.pestis, the team found several reads that matched a plasmid—a free-floating ring of DNA that sits outside the bacterium’s main genome. Then again, plasmids can easily move from one bacterium to another, so it would be even more convincing to show reads that map to Y.pestis’s actual chromosome. But it symbolises some of the problems in the study of microbiomes—the collections of bacteria that live in specific animals or environments.
Indeed, Mason told the New York Times that not reporting the fragments of anthrax and plague “would have been irresponsible”. He took E.coli, shred its DNA, sequenced the pieces, and then matched them up to databases. The potential for false positive detections (Type 1 error) based on a single test with unassessed specifity applies to these new technologies as it does with other diagnostic tests.
His work has appeared in Wired, the New York Times, Nature, the BBC, New Scientist, Scientific American, the Guardian, the Times, and more. Phenomena is hosted by National Geographic magazine, which invites you to join the conversation.
In the eMusic trove, I was elated to discover The Best of Howlin' Wolf (without Howlin' Wolf there'd be no Mick Jagger). We were used to seeing Peter as a promoter, so the burly baritone we finally heard coming out of that beard was a pleasant surprise for a lot of us. His vocals contain a glottal flip, a sort of a built-in yodel, and his songs tell fascinating stories. John Gorka can be expected to include both humor and poignancy in his repertoire (does anyone ever get tired of hearing John? Red Molly is here, still on their world domination tour, conquering the planet one festival at a time. This festival might represent Pete's crowning achievement in spurring the cleanup of the Hudson River. Old Crow Medicine Show has an old-timey, bluegrassy sound and they're not afraid to tackle social themes. Of course, Arlo Guthrie fits in here, hand-in-glove, seeing as how his old man, Woody, is kind of the North Star for all this folk music stuff. Michael exuded mischievous good humor back then, so he'll fit right in with Christine Lavin who's been known to add a humorous song (or several dozen) to her repertoire. We don't have the schedule yet, but we're hoping to see Steve's son, Justin Townes Earle, whose latest CD, Midnight at the Movies, kicks major butt. We don't see the Red Stick Ramblers in the line-up at Rhythm and Roots this year, so we're doubly disappointed we won't see them here.
They then analysed the DNA in their samples to identify the microbes that lived on each surface. But the team’s most notable claims were that they found DNA from the plague bacterium Yersinia pestis in three samples, and from the anthrax bacterium Bacillus anthracis in two. If they found many matches for a given microbe, they concluded that said microbe was present in their samples. He found matches to the duck-billed platypus—an Australian animal, not known to live in Virginia.
Lipkin’s team have done extensive surveys of the city’s rats and failed to find Y.pestis in any of them. Microbiome research is among the hottest fields in biology and is attracting hordes of enthusiastic scientists.
Then again, readers were hit with a wave of headlines that raised the possibility of plague on the subway. Really few of us have a background in biology solid enough in order to say if Doc Mason is just saying a fallacy. Page 13 of their paper describes these blanks and how they tested just 13 of them using only coarse quantification of total DNA.
I jumped on the train, double checked that I was on the right subway line headed in the right direction. For me, it prompted a retro excursion into some old jazz favorites: Miles, Cannonball and Coltrane. Shannon Lambert-Ryan performs a mix of music both from Celtic nations and this side of the pond, giving their traditional songs a fresh sound.
It should be a lot of fun to see what Terence Martin, Aztec Two-Step, The Kennedys and Rod MacDonald do with Dylan material.
The Bottle Rockets have a punked-up rockabilly sound that brings to mind Gene Vincent and the Ramones in a blender. John Roberts and Tony Barrand would sing those wacky English folk ditties back then and here they are, still doing it. Then he'll get up and dance around the stage while the rest of his group plays accompaniment.
Granddaughter Sarah Lee Guthrie and her husband Johnny Irion will join other followers of the dream. Returning here in 2007, doing the math, that makes it its 5th year at the park, a stone's throw from my old alma mater, The University of Bridgeport. When he sits down to sign post-performance autographs, it's going to give us a chance to say hello. Multi-instrumentalist Ken Whitely was a hit at the Northeast Folk Alliance Conference a couple of years ago, another of those wonderful discoveries we get to make at NERFA when these folks venture south of the border. They then analysed over 19,000 publicly available microbiome samples from around the world; around a third threw up matches for platypus DNA.
Based on this, Van Schaik did his own search and found that sequences in this section are also found in at least three other bacterial species.

The fly, in particular, is a major agricultural pest and the subject of intensive surveillance. This is great—(disclosure: I’m writing a book on animal microbiomes)—but the field also risks throwing up a lot of misleading and false conclusions if methods aren’t applied properly and results aren’t analysed cautiously.
In the context of papers showing how contamination is so pervasive and under-observed (refs below) it would have been great if they had analyzed the blanks as carefully as they analyzed the subways.
Besides, dead microbes are not pathogens, and there is a lot of dead stuff out there, especially in dry environments. They would be clipped with the use of aA carabinerA to a light rope or cord (I brought both) and thrown to me while I was in the water. It all looked good so I settled in for the trip, grateful for the technology that had made it so easy. That was a possibility but I just couldn't accept the notion that you can't buy a swim suit on a beach. We've heard what Bill Kirchen does with the one guitar and the entire history of rock n' roll in one number. Mostly bluesy, sometimes the sound veers off into jazz and it sounds like hearing Jeff Beck again, for the first time, with a few new twists and turns.
At the Celtic extravaganza which closes Summerfest, Benoit will encourage audeince members to join him on stage and dance, no matter how amateurish they might appear.
Created as a tribute to The Grateful Dead, it's no surprise that Bob Weir & Ratdog will perform. Peter Rowan will be joined by brothers Chris and Lorin, who will open before acting as Peter's band. A Saturday night mainstage performance by Sonny Landreth would be nice, too, but we might just be asking for too much. The Folk Brothers, Jack Hardy and David Massengill, will add a Northeast flavor, as will Cliff Eberhardt. Either the platypus secretly rules the world or, more likely, this was a hilarious case of false positives gone mad. Its presence in New York is “so unlikely that I think the approach they used is just flawed,” says Van Schaik.
To simplify the logistics of the swim, I found a room just south of the World Trade Center, and within walking distance to the start of the race near Battery Park. I had vanilla GU gel packets that I have come to rely on to get additional calories during the swim. I had just come from Oregon where we don't get summer heat until late July, and the humidity is never this bad. The train was well air conditioned, and I quickly cooled off while hoping that there would be a cool breeze at the beach.After a short while the train emerged from underground and continued above ground, elevated above the streets below.
I decided that since I had come this far, I might as well walk the one mile down the boardwalk to Coney Island.
One of the greatest of the left-wing dreamers, grandmaster songsmith Jack Hardy is on board. Janis will be joined by Susan Werner, Cliff Eberhardt and Ellis Paul for the Friday night song swap.
They'll be joined by relative newbies, Iron and Wine, Josh Ritter, Gillian Welch and Neko Case. We'll take a stroll through the Philly campground to se if there are any new and zanier themes this year. The team, including Antonio Gonzalez Pena, even created a programme called Platypus Conquistador to rectify the problem.
I also went online and figured out which subway line I could take to Brighton Beach to do a training swim after I arrived. I also had 4 pairs of goggles (2 clear and 2 tinted), 3 swim suits, sunscreen, channel grease (VaselineA and lanolin), electrical and duck tape (you never know), a pocket knife andA my waterproof camera. Looking out of the windows at the skyline in the distance I realized that in my hurry to catch the train I may have left my camera on the bed in the room. Donna's lead guitarist Jeff Mattson was formerly with Dead tribute band, The Zen Tricksters. Pete's grandson Tao Rodriquez Seeger is starting to gain wider recognition as a solo performer, now that The Mammals have apparently disbanded. Any campfire with Michael Smith, Ruthie Foster or Ray Bonneville in attendance will heat up in a hurry.
We suspect that with the line-up we see here, attendees will swear they can feel Hunter Mountain shake.
Always a great festival, there'll no doubt be fireworks both on stage and in the sky over the harbor.
There'll be a lot of nostalgia surrounding this event, with Crosby Still and Nash, the Levon Helm Band and Buddy Guy performing. Guy Davis is one of the American acts that they sneak in for a little balance, I guess, because we let so many of their guys come down and play here. There'll be a lot of nostalgia surrounding this event, with Crosby Still and Nash, the Levon Helm BandA  and Buddy GuyA  performing. I have found that getting enough sleep in the days leading up to a marathon swim is absolutely critical, and I needed to get my internal clock adjusted for the morning start of the swim.
I found a market, bought some food and headed back to my room to hide out in the air conditioning. It didn't remind me to bring my suit and goggles, and it wasn't going to make this walk any less unpleasant. The air temperature was in the high 90"s and with high humidity, it felt like it was over 100A°.
I spent a little time laying around, surfing the net and eating, but I knew all good things had to end. But then I quickly realized that in my rush to catch the train I also left my swimsuit and goggles on the bed along side my camera. Temperature records were set the first 2 days I was there, and I was grateful for the air conditioning in the room. My plan was to head out to Brighton Beach to get in a training swim, and I needed to get started.The first thing I did was to lay out everything on the bed that I wanted to take to the beach. Not a good start.I thought for a moment about jumping off the train, going back to my room to retrieve my gear.
There were 3A separateA subway lines within a few blocks, so I had to figure out which station would be the right one to catch the train to Brighton Beach. It may sound comical to someone who lives in the city, but I had visions of walking in circles in 100A° weather trying to find the right set of stairs, and once below ground, catching the right train.
I was confident I would be able to find a store at the beach where I could buy replacements.Once the train arrived at Brighton Beach I jumped off and immediately started to pour sweat.
I needed to find a suit and goggles quickly in the adjacent commercial area, and get out to the sand FAST.
As I walked block to block past a row of stores I began to realize that finding what I needed was not going to be easy in this RussianA immigrantA neighborhood.

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