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A monstrous Hurricane Irene barrelled toward the Eastern Seabord Friday, lashing at North Carolina with tropical storm-force winds as it continued its destructive course northwards along the coast, even forcing New York City to close its subway service.
Forecasters said Friday night the system was moving north-northeast, spreading tropical storm conditions all over southeastern North Carolina. IT’S THE LAND of the free and Americans don’t like Nazi insignia laid over the stars and stripes.
A furious backlash has prompted Amazon to pull ads for a television show that featured the Nazi German eagle and Imperial Japan’s rising sun on the New York subway. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority allowed the company to colour seats on the Times Square shuttle with the symbols laid over the US flag to promote The Man in the High Castle. The show, which premiered last month, is set in the 1960s as if America had lost World War II — occupied by Nazi Germany in the east and the Empire of Japan in the west. Based on the novel by Philip Dick, it portrays an America in which slavery is legal and Jews hide under assumed names. An official told AFP that the ads — which had been originally scheduled to run until next month — were being pulled.
Mayor Bill de Blasio led calls for the ads to be removed, saying they were offensive to World War II and Holocaust survivors, as well as to countless others.

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Subway service could be cut or reduced to limited schedules around the city during the winter storm thata€™s hitting the city. With a potentially historic blizzard bearing down on the city and the forecast calling for more than two feet of snow, Gov. Tractor-trailers will be barred from highway in and around New York City starting at 4 p.m. Meanwhile, the Sanitation Department is getting some reinforcements from upstate a€” 750 snowplows to help clear the streets once Juno has blown through. Could These Resilient Solutions Storm-Proof the NY Transit System During the Next Superstorm? As proven by Hurricane Sandy, New York's public transport system is no match for excessive rain caused by severe weather. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

Although Irene had lost some strength, the ferocious Category 2 storm still threatens such a large swath of the East Coast that U.S.
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Cuomo declared a state of emergency Monday and announced that he was shutting down or cutting back subway and train service. Although many ideas have been put forth as viable options for protecting the subway from flooding, it looks like one man may be leading the way to a possible solution.
When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable.

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