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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. The F train that derailed in Queens on Friday exposed the dangers of failure-prone tracks and the need to expedite a planned replacement program that is at least a year away. The train, carrying about 1,000 people, broke free of the rails on an express track near the local station at Broadway and 65th St.
The Queens sector and four others were selected for a multimillion-dollar project to replace rails and weld them together for greater strength, but the project wona€™t begin until 2015, at the earliest. The so-called a€?continuous-welded-raila€? initiative is planned as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authoritya€™s next capital plan, which has not been funded by the state or the federal government.
The undercarriage of the Manhattan-bound F train that derailed near the station at Broadway and 65th St.
The derailment, which injured 19 people but did not result in any deaths, was under investigation Friday, but MTA probers quickly determined that a defective rail might have been to blame. Advocates told the Daily News that the riding public must now worry about whether Fridaya€™s hell ride was a harbinger of things to come.
MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast, speaking at a press conference at the site, promised a a€?complete and thorough investigation.a€? He said the train derailed on track that was laid in the 1930s or 1940s and had been replaced a€?no more than 20 or 30 years ago, if that.a€? Are transit officials replacing track fast enough and in the right places? Subway derailments were all-too-common back in the 1980s a€” there were 20 in 1980 alone a€” but there was only one last year and just six since 2010, according to MTA records.

Since 1984, the agency has reconstructed and replaced 372 miles of a€?mainlinea€? track a€” an average of about 18 miles a year, according to MTA data. A picture shows the undercarriage of a Manhattan-bound F train after it derailed near the station at Broadway and 65th St. The F train was heading towards Manhattan when it derailed on the express track in Woodside on Friday. Investigators were still trying to determine what caused the Manhattan-bound F train to derail in Queens on Friday. The motorman, a 31-year veteran, was heard telling the paramedics treating him that it felt like the tracks broke just before the train derailed, sources said. Emergency responders cut power to the tracks and herded passengers out of the cars, then directed them up ladders to an escape hatch leading to street level. The traina€™s conductor and train operator were praised by police and firefighters for keeping their cool and assisting in the evacuation, said Paul Navarro, track division chairman with Transport Workers Union Local 100.
Margao: Derailment of a goods train at Karanjadi near Ratnagiri early Sunday morning led to disruption of train services along the Konkan railway route.
I don’t know what is happening in the world lately but there has been another train derailment, and this time it was right here in New York City.
Rails in the Queens corridor, and throughout the vast majority of the systema€™s 659 miles of track, are bolted and fastened together, not welded.

That is due in part to transit workers who walk tracks daily to look for rail breaks or defects, officials said. But at the same time, the pace of track replacement has slowed recently compared to what it was in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The others wobbled and screeched and smashed to a halt, destroying a section of track about 500 feet long, including the electrified third rail. According to reports, a Manhattan-bound F train derailed on the express track near the station at Broadway and 65th St. The area falls within one of five zones the MTA has deemed a€?critical rail breaka€? corridors and slated for future replacement.
It was probably 15 to 20 minutes before the conductor said that firefighters were in the tunnel. He also kept coming over to tell us to remain calm, that help was on its way,a€? said Cadet.
It happened at about 11 AM with 400 passengersvaboard the subway when it went off the tracks.

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