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I'm fairly new here, but I've been playing SMR for a while, and I had a thought of a new locomotive to add in the game.I'm a big fan of the New York Central, and I wonder if maybe it's possible to add the famous New York Central Hudson. I recently watched an interview with commercial photographer Erik Almas where he talked about the time he put in before hitting it big. With 25 trips to NYC as a family under our belt, I have been thinking a lot about my photography and how it has been evolving over time. Making images means my photography needs to become more personal, and reflect more of who I am and who I am becoming. 3 in NYC participates in the following affiliate programs: Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Bluehost, Blurb, Google Adsense and StudioPress. A little background on the locomotive for those not familiar: In the late 1920s, passenger train traffic was at its height.

It was not until our 18th trip that I actually brought my 35mm DSLR and went out for the first time to shoot seriously.
To go beyond taking pictures requires opening more to the emotional context of my subject, be it a building, waterfall, person, or sunset.
My portfolio is still very much evolving, and images like the one today reflect my desire to push the limits not only of capturing scenes, but seeing what I can create in post-processing. Waterway ferry boat making crossing the Hudson River from Port Imperial, New Jersey to the World Trade Center terminal in lower Manhattan.
With more ridership than any other type of public transportation, trains had grown longer and heavier. And in the construction of the image, realize that it will reflect back part of who I am and what I am feeling in the moment.

Now, just two years later, we have this website, I upgraded my camera, and my desire to make images versus take pictures is stronger than ever. 5200:Second is a streamlined version of the Hudson made in 1938 for the Central's premier passenger train the 20th Century Limited:Anyone up for the challenge?

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