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Rebecca Schwartz, a witness at the scene, told the AP news agency that some of the carriages were submerged in water and that numerous emergency vehicles were at the scene. The derailment happened just north of Manhattan,A near Spuyten Duyvil station, shortly after 7 a.m. Five cars came off the track about 100 feet north of the station just after 7 am MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan told WCBS 880 radio. The line involved in the accident serves Metro-Northa€™s Hudson line, which serves dormer towns like Croton-Harmon, Peekskill, Ossining and Yonkers.

At a court hearing in November following an earlier derailment on the New Haven Branch of the Metro-North railroad on May 17, a railroad official said that maintenance on the network was way behind schedule.
At the National Transportation Safety Board hearing in Washington DC chief engineer Robert Puciloski said the railway was a€?behind in several areasa€? including a five year schedule of cyclical maintenance and that there was no system in place to replace retiring workers.
On May the 17 an eastbound train struck a westbound train at Bridgeport injuring 73 passengers, two engineers and a conductor. Government Targets Business over a€?Thank a Veterana€™ Sign End Presidential Term Limits Open thread for Sunday, December 1st: Fight, Fight, Fight!

The MTA's got a new interactive map, though it's so basic you can't believe they didn't have it already. However, photos taken by witnesses show the cars just derailed without slipping into water.

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