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And unlike Uber, which raises prices for times like tonight, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is working to make it easier to get around.
Tomorrow (New Year's Day), New York City's subways, buses, and some trains will run on a weekend schedule. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S.
Keron Thomas began practicing his stunt by wearing an official blue motorman shirt as he loitered on subway platforms, where he befriended the worker whose employee number he'd use to request overtime shifts. Twenty years after he swiped an A train for a three-hour joyride a€” which included making all stops for hundreds of passengers along the way a€” Keron Thomas still doesna€™t like to brag. Thomas said his May 8, 1993, stunt stemmed simply from his affinity for subway trains and how they work. He even began practicing by wearing an official blue motorman shirt while loitering on subway station platforms, where he befriended transit worker Regoberto Sabio. Thomas said he often talked shop with the eight-year veteran motorman, who had no clue he was actually talking to a teenage train buff. It was a Saturday afternoon when Thomas, posing as Sabio, called a Transit Authority crew office and left his home number to sign up for any available overtime shifts.
He was assigned to the A train and successfully made every stop to the end of the line at Lefferts Blvd. He turned the train around to head back to upper Manhattan, where his joyride came to an abrupt end when he took a curve too fast and triggered the emergency brake. Cops used the phone number that the teen had left with the crew office earlier in the day to track him down and cuff him.

Thomas was ordered to serve three yearsa€™ probation, which was extended another two years after his 1994 arrest for stabbing a teenager during a dice game.
Thomas, who completed many stops successfully, might not have been caught, but he entered a curve too fast, triggering an emergency brake. Kevin Ortiz, an MTA spokesman, said several new security measures were implemented after the legendary heist.
The 36-year-old Thomas, who is engaged to the mother of his two young children, has since traded his fondness of trains for his love of big wheels and operates his own trucking company, KT Carriers Inc. He said his childhood friends still call him a€?A Train,a€? but he doesna€™t like to boast about the event that earned him the moniker.
Always moving: Workers dig in Delancy Street on New York's Lower East Side in this photo dated July 29, 1908. Genesis of a icon: In this June 5, 1908 photo, the Manhattan Bridge is less than a shell, seen from Washington Street. The main concourse of Grand Central Terminal, in New York, is seen from the Campbell apartment in this 1937 photo. The project was four years in the making, part of the department's mission to make city records accessible to everyone, said assistant commissioner Kenneth Cobb.'We all knew that we had fantastic photograph collections that no one would even guess that we had,' he said. Taken mostly by anonymous municipal workers, some of the images have appeared in publications but most were accessible only by visiting the archive offices in lower Manhattan over the past few years.Researchers, history buffs, filmmakers, genealogists and preservationists in particular will find the digitized collection helpful.
New Yorkers cool off in the Astoria public pool with the Hell Gate railroad bridge looming in the background in the summer of 1940. In 1936, the Triborough Bridge, which links Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, was not yet complete.

See how it's changed: In this circa 1890 photo, a pair of girls walk east along 42nd Street.
This circa 1983-1988 photo provided by the New York City Municipal Archives shows 172 Norfolk Street, which is now the Angel Orensanz Foundation, in New York.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He spent months reading books and operating manuals about the citya€™s subways to a€?learn the tricks of the trade,a€? Thomas said. His brazen deception led to three years' probation, which was extended two years after he was arrested for stabbing a teen in a dice game.
Thomas didna€™t have a flashlight to look under the train and reset the brake a€” so an inspector was called to get the train back to the 207th St. The foolhardy teen didna€™t have a flashlight to look under the train and reset the brake, so an inspector was called. The posh apartment, in one of America's grandest train stations, was the playground of financier John Campbell in the roaring 1920. But anyone can search the images, share them through social media or purchase them as prints. Wearing his motorman shirt, he walked in carrying all the proper operator equipment: safety vest, brake handle and a reverser key.

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