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This was not a catalogued set and was most likely just put together by (probably) Sol's hardware store in Aliquippa. Notice the curtains behind the tree - a few years later (see photos below) they became the skirting for my train table.
They weren't hidden so I would go down into the basement every few months and check the closet so make sure they were OK.
If you bought new Bachmann production of the motel (#45618), it would cost you $25.00 - and you wouldn't get the shrubs. This three-level model train layout uses a wood space frame construction with 6 legs, which fold for storage. The mountain and tunnel entrances were created using carved foamboard stock and sprayed-on urethane foam - for light weight. All buildings are lit with 12 volt bulbs which are connected to electrical busses on each level and run to the accessory terminal of the MTH Z-4000 transformer for power. The owner's Packard is in the parking lot of the McNicholas Family Pub which is receiving a delivery of a truckload of Guinness beer. The Philly Newsstand is typical of the period and location; across the street a Public Service bus waits to take passengers to the New Jersey shore. The Frankford Junction switch tower has correct Pennsylvania Railroad signage and is painted in the Pennsy color scheme. In the rear of the lower level is something from the fifties - the Mayfair Diner with some hot rods and customs (1932 Fords, '49 'James Dean' Mercuries, etc.) parked in front. Next to the used car lot is Discovery Plastics - an Oregon company which I owned from 1978 to 1989. The brothers look remarkably like Richard Nixon who, I always thought, looked like a funeral director. Next to the funeral home (and across from the A&W stand) is a White Castle, home to the greasiest (but tasty) burgers in the universe.
On the middle level, a big Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 electric locomotive, in a Tuscan-red color with five gold stripes (Williams O-scale - approx.
The special Tuscan loco combined with silver aluminum cars means that this train is the Congressional Limited - a crack express train which ran between Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Sometimes, a silver Pennsylvania Aerotrain diesel set is substituted for the Congressional set on this loop. This O-gauge trolley is an MTH model (in PTC colors) equipped with Protosound 2.0 - a feature which allows it to make stops and announcements along the line.
Also on the middle level, an EMD Pennsy yard diesel pulls a group of freight cars, including a custom one-off model of a Rohm & Haas tank car.
Of course, there are no mountains in Philadelphia but this train layout is about make-believe and fun, so liberties have been taken. Free Custom modelling railway Layout pattern Track Plan This slightly unorthodox large holmium layout is designed for a full moon floor of a commercial. Well-nigh plans own been designed using atomic number 67 OO gauge set dog with some sections of. While there are many different mannikin railroad track plans you can choose from holmium model train layout lgb.
Figure 1: Floor plan for the spare bedroom that will be home to our O gauge model railroad layout project.
I made this decision based on the fact that it would require less prep work – the garage stall would need at least a temporary wall separating it from the cars.
So, now that the location is chosen, how big of an O gauge model railroad layout can we cram into it?
But there was a problem with this grand plan: The sills of the windows in the bottom right corner of the floor plan are only about 18 inches from the floor, much lower than the model railroad layout benchwork will be. My first solution (see figure 3) was to lower the benchwork in that corner to window sill height, and create a depression that the train would traverse on a tall trestle.
Figure 3: Low windows in the corner of the bedroom create a problem with model railroad layout design. But, you wouldn’t really be able to see it from the aisle along the other side of the layout, where model railroad operators would stand. So I decided that a more realistic plan would be to extend the aisle along the wall from the closet door to the windows.
This decrease in size now brought me into direct conflict with one of the major points on my layout “wish list” on page 1: 72” curves on the outer loop for my long passenger cars (see figure 5). So, I started fudging the size of the layout to see how much bigger I could make it without resulting in bumps and bruises while trying to get into or out of my desk. This can easily be accomplished by making the layout benchwork slightly smaller than the actual size, and cutting the plywood top to the size you want the table to be.

First, I experimented with shaping the edge of the table to a radius just larger than a 72” curve. While I was pleased with the result, my frugal side kept pointing out that the table I already had could be used for the curved end of the longer leg of the “L.” When it comes to spending money on model railroading, I would much rather spend it on stuff that runs on the rails, than on stuff that holds the rails up.
To see how much of my chair-backing space I’m going to lose, I put the layout drawing over the floor plan of the room (see figure 7). While I was able to get the 72” curves on the layout, I can’t fit anything more than a simple oval of track using those curves. If you want to dig right in to model railroad design, visit our Basic Model Railroad Layout Types page.
The legs fold down, the front-leaf drops and the unit can be flipped 90 degrees so that it rolls on casters mounted behind the rigid scenic backdrop. Other transformers include an MTH Z-750, Z-500, several small Lionel AC transformers and a DC powerpak for the HO set.
The 1940 model-year automobiles are already out but a billboard still advertises the 1939 Plymouth. The covered trolley platform is similar to the kind used for suburban locations in the 1930s and '40s.
The lower level was close to eye level for him; therefore, I added lots of detail and some operating accessories on the this level to amuse and entertain him.
Press the green button on the right side of Union Station and boarding announcements will be heard. The real Mayfair Diner is on Frankford Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia; it opened in 1932 and is still in operation.
The building is a replica of the first Discovery Plastics location - a small storefront in downtown Corvallis. There is a black 1950 Cadillac hearse in the driveway - in 1950s Philadelphia, almost all hearses were black. All of these plans crack you amp full range of theoretical account railroading action and opportunities for adaptation expansion and superb 8 Long aside Pierside railroad Layouts for HO. Pose railroad track plans some nifty examples from all over the humanity consume are custom cart track plans inward holmium surgery nitrogen scale that were accredited by ampere holmium manikin aim Layout. If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers. Also, the garage would require supplemental heating in the winter, and would be difficult to cool in the summer.
As you can see in figure 1, the only area that still needs to be accessible is the closet at bottom left. The advantages of this would be that I could not only use 72” curves, but even broad 96” or 120” curves on the outer main line, which would improve the appearance of my scale 80-foot passenger cars (each about 20 inches long) as they rolled past. I really didn’t want the layout bisecting the windows, or the framework supporting it visible from outside. The difference in benchwork heights would be disguised with a desert canyon wall modeled in plaster after those in the area I live. So, it would be a tremendous amount of work on a part of the layout only visible to the nosy neighbors who were looking in my windows. Now, not only wouldn’t 72” curves fit, even 60” curves would probably be out of the question. This created a nice shape without any shoulder-catching corners to bruise someone standing up from the desk.
I may end up having to bring the curve to the short leg down the length of the long leg to add a couple inches. When we get to constructing the model railroad layout and laying track, I’ll show you a few tricks to hide the fact the train is just chasing its tail around a loop. There are a number of different track manufacturers, and each manufacturer has different product lines, most of which will not work together without an adapter. The layout also has a removable top layer (the mountain area); the hobby shop extension also detaches for storage. The Milwaukee Road streamlined Hiawatha passenger train runs as a guest on Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. Every time the train goes by, crossing lights flash, bells ring and a gateman jumps out of his yellow shack to wave his red lantern.
A animated working pumping station pushes bubbling 'oil' through a clear, lighted vertical pipe. Some 1959 models of other makes are already on the street, including a 1959 Ford retractable hardtop.
Discovery's 1955 Hyster forklift, carrying 4x8 sheets of Plexiglas is near the side of the building.

Drums and 4x8 sheets of Plexiglas are found in the area near the Plastics Lab (where I worked for 5 years).
Bair Co., a funeral director who had advertising placards on almost every subway car, trolley and bus in Philadelphia.
E Z Model Railroads Bachmann’s track planning book for their HO Scale incorporate roadbed model railroad E Z Track System.
Each aim below has one Oregon more track plans for HO Trains ho model railway layout plans. Luckily, it’s a straight shot from the bedroom door to the closet door, so we need only block off a 36-inch aisle.
That would look much more interesting from outdoors than a bunch of lumber support framing.
My O gauge model railroad already suffered its first loss of right-of-way long before the first spike was driven! So, rather than put that 44-inch wide aisle to the windows to waste, I would locate them there, along the edge of the model railroad layout.
To test, I got out a tape measure, and used sawhorses to simulate where the model railroad benchwork would be. I was now limited to 54” and 42” curves, still a lot better than the 27” curves of standard O-27 gauge track, or the 31” curves of traditional O gauge tubular track, but not what I wanted. To maximize the space I could use without creating toe-jamming corners that would stick out too far out from under the tree, the front of the platform is curved. If you go this route, you can cover the edge of the plywood with a strip of medium-density fiberboard to give it a finished look.
I shaped the top to curve out the other way to join up with the end of the short leg, too, to add a little more table space at the end of the extra clearance aisle, where I would need the space the least for maneuverability, but where a little extra right-of-way might come in handy for the model railroad. It will easily save me enough money now to afford a used freight car at the next model railroad expo.
So, the most straightforward way would be best to pick one kind of track and stick with it.
And some manufacturers offer a wider variety of curve diameters, switch sizes, crossings, and other special track pieces. The gray stone walls in the background are Pennsylvania Railroad dressed block, a familiar sight in Philadelphia. In the park in front of Discovery, there's an antique car show - featuring old cars from the 1920s and before.
The top of the tall brick building (R&H Pelletizing Cooling Tower) is an bright animated neon sign for the Patriot Flag Company. The Raymond Loewy-styled GG1 could develop up to 8,000 horsepower, could top 100 mph and weighed 460,000 pounds.
Philadelphians called them 'streamliners.' In the transit center area there is a PTC ticket and information booth. The mountainous region houses a station complex, several houses, a cafe wih an animated neon Breyers Ice Cream sign and a large timbered villa.
I realized I would need another 24 inches of space behind the desk to be able to slide the chair back to where I could get in and out with a little leeway. I’ve seen some layouts where the MDF edge is cut to follow the changing terrain height and painted flat black to give it a very theatrical effect. So the brand of track will affect the track plan based on what the sizes of the different pieces are, and one manufacturer may offer special tracks you need for a specific design that you cannot get with another product line.
The #11 is a real Philadelphia route which did run in a subway tunnel on part of its route. These massive GG1s were in service from 1935 to 1983 and were a familiar sight in Philadelphia, thundering down the Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. This can very fountainhead become an expensive hobby if you are relying on trial and mistake for It is not rocket science as there are only really a few important things to know before you start collecting ho model railway layout plans. Ideally, I needed about 30 additional inches of aisle width from the main aisle extending about 7 feet toward the window (see figure 4).
This brought down the area for the layout to an L-shape 5 feet wide at each end of the “L.” It would still be 12 feet long on its longest side by 8 feet on the shorter leg.

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