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This cloverleaf design offers multiple train or multiple route action with a fun look for toy trains. The curves used are O-36 (36 inch) diameter, and the straights are all standard lengths which are available from all of the major O Gauge track manufacturers.
The exact geometry of each companies' tracks can vary - especially switches, so you may need to make some adjustments.
O O27 atomic number 67 N G Large Scale S TT Other Scales Layouts Holiday Layouts racetrack plans for display layouts and running trains under the Christmastime tree. On a railroad interchange, an arrangement like this would take up far too much real estate.

As long as you stick with one brand of track however, you should not have any problems fitting this layout in the space shown.This plan was drawn with templates for Atlas O track. Thanks to the tight curves of O Gauge trains however, this interesting pattern can make a fun layout in just an 8 x 8 foot space.This plan is shown with traditional O Gauge 3-rail track. The most challenging part of a plan like this is finding the right combination of lengths of track sections to make everything fit. Trust you Cost an group O caliber newbie set or layout is at least twice the cost of an HO approximate layout of the notice group A local store thorium. Buildings, mountains, a lake, you could put just about anything inside the four lobes.The O Gauge market is filled with fun accessories to load and unload cars.

Additional lighted and animated buildings and other accessories could be placed in the corners as well.With a train running on the outer oval and another circling the cloverleaf, this layout can provide a lot of action and visual stimulation.

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