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By June 30th, all tunnels, stone retaining walls, city streets and sidewalks were completed. All lights, accessories, lighted billboards, crossing signals, bells and accessories were installed and wired up during the same period. Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. I am planning a small layout in 7mm scale to try it out and wondered if some kind soul could please tell me what width i would require in mm for two parallel tracks? Next question, do i need to respace sleepers on peco O gauge track to make it look more realistic as i had to do in OO? I would say no as there are two types of 7mm Peco track Bull Head and Flat Bottomed and they have two types of rail retainers with careful weathering and ballasting a very realistic effect can be achieved.
All the info you need on track plus a lot more is available in the guild manual - available to members.
Ken Payne used Peco track and points throughout on his layout looks pretty good to me and stuff runs really well on it.

Peco 00 is sized to suit H0 for the American and European markets hence the incorrect sleepering for 00. Do Peco make one of those red spacer things to help laying parallel track like they do in N and OO gauge? These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site.
In January, detailed sketches of this hi-rail layout were made; from these sketches, CAD drawings were generated.
In April, the upper mountain section of the layout was finished with an operating oval of track for HO-scale trains or trolleys. On May 19th, the plywood space frame (for the main section) was completed and was subsequently painted. On August 18th, the under-platform train wiring (from track to the transformers) was completed.

Wire it up, add scenery, buildings, grass, dirt, trees, shrubs, working accessories, people and cars - and you're all done! Down to 5ft most things are ok but may need a bit of tweaking and propelling long coaches can cause buffer locking.
It passes muster and as Pete said, ballasting and weathering will go a very long way to hide any discrepancies.
As you go below 5ft you will need to consider extra work such as larger buffer heads to minimise buffer locking. By June 3rd, all O-gauge track (Gargraves Phantom Rail) was laid and ballasted with ground rubber ballast. If you want to build your own pointwork, you could match it with C&L plain track which is accurate, and not significantly more expensive than Peco.

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