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O scale does not necessarily mean a 3rd rail or more money, check out the bachman (and other) ON30 equipment, comparable prices to HO.
Thats kinda the way I think, if you want lots of trains, options and ready to roll stuff HO has it, if you like to build stuff and want lots of detail and realism go with O scale, but before you decide on either make sure you have a good look at whats available in both and what you really want to achieve and what others have done. However, old style Lionel and similar O gauge are bullet proof and require more basic plan for the smaller space than does HO scale. I certainly wouldnt want my dog picking up and running with the following items, yes O scale is bigger and sturdier but bachmans later offerings are loaded with detail and still delicate. Expense, space and time involved are all relative to what you want to achieve, until you are absolutely sure of that, read, investigate and learn everything you can before jumping in and making the all to familiar expensive mistakes. Buy quality and you won't be sorry, it might cost a little more but it will save you money and frustration doing it right, right from the start.
I think Atlas, Athearn, Kato, Proto2000 and Broadway Limited are among my top choices (there are probably many more but these are my choices).
First of all, pick your favorite railroad and get a general idea of the place your layout will be set (i.e.
Get a locomotive (diesels are a bit more forgiving for beginners); make sure it has 8 wheel drive and 8 wheel pickup (it should also feel kinda heavy, it will help make electrical contact with the track and it will pull more cars too). Now, you have a RELIABLE: loco, freight cars, caboose, track and a power system and an idea of what your 4x8 will look like (remember when I suggested you pick a location?) in your head. I understand you want to start with an oval, then add onto it, but don't have any ideas now. Once you  get a more permanent layout and as your son gets older you may find yourself wanting a more advanced DCC system than the EZ Command. Personally I would start with something like Bachmanns digital commander ser rather than MTH.

The other reason that I like Bachmann is because they recently introduced a line of Sound Value Locomotives that come with sound and a higher quality decoder for about $100 each. Generally speaking the train controllers regardless of type that come in a train set even a quality set are only up to running the train set and very little else.
When it comes to expanding the set the first thing to do is ditch the train controller and get a good quality powerful one, that will set you up to be able to expand. If you buy the set you are going to have to get the mind set of I will finish this or its going to turn into a very expensive white elephant. If you have problems the people on this forum will help you get that new layout done properly if they can. Assuming I don't go with the MTH starter set what would be an equivalent if I just purchased the pieces individually?
I also got a box of 16 Scale O freight cars (Atlas, Weaver, Intermountain) with Kadee couplers for $10.
If one is patient, one can get a whole lot more trains for the same money on the used market. Two Pennsy steamers, an MTH RailKing 4-6-2 Torpedo, and an S2 Turbine, dominate this view on Dale and Erik Ramp's O gauge layout, pictured in the March 2004 CTT Photo Album.
The full text of this article is available to Classic Toy Trains Magazine subscribers only. Realism and detail are one advantage to O scale, it depends on your interest level, ie, HO has the most variety available where as O scale is more of a modelers scale, despite the size of the equipment you can produce a very nice O scale layout in a small space, plus its easier to work with due to the size. I already have started the planning for a simple out and back track plan plus the rolling stock, engine and caboose necessary to make it happen.
That shooting you like to do will probably see a bit of a slow down in ammo supply once you start buying stuff for trains.

Command seperate from a train set is that you can team it with any track sectional flex or unitrack for example.
Then I just need to pick up a loco and a few cars and I think I'm in business with a better set up than the starter set.
Fine, if you're running a loop around the Christmas tree, but in the long run, it will probably give you trouble. Some will even have a hissy fit if you dare to have a two coach lit passenger train added to the basic set.
I started off in O-27 and moved into O gauge via Lionel post war as a child and recently looked over the offerings availible in O gauge in two hobby shops.
And I believe this DCC controller will be more expandable than what comes in the box, right? Could I use this same transformer, etc on a bigger 4x8 layout when I'm ready to expand? After getting the feel of it, I will decide on a 4x8 layout that has opportunities for expansion, and take it from there. For $200 you get everything you need to start out, plus a decent quality engine with nice sounds, and all.
Am I correct in understanding that with a DCS system, I can run DCC locos, but just won't get any of the sounds and extras? What I can do HO in that room, I would have to make a more simple plan that still operates in O gauge.

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