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This is the presentation of the O-scale SCARM track plan by JumpJet, which he send by e-mail. The whole track plan and the 3D views are shown below, following by detailed explanation of JumpJet’s idea.
Well, here is an exciting track layout that comfortably fits on a 13 foot x 3.5 foot shelf.
The assumed location is totally freelance, but could possibly be a fictional northern Ohio setting.
The layout theme is a coach yard, supporting an unmodeled passenger terminal, passenger engine servicing area, turnaround track, and spare passenger car storage yard. For simplicity, the layout uses nothing but sectional (Atlas O 3-rail) track, and is serviced by a single dedicated (probably diesel) switcher. The front left is the track assumed to be coming from the passenger terminal, passenger engine servicing area, turnaround track, and spare passenger car storage yard areas.

To the right of the staging track is the locomotive run around, one lead of which passes through a passenger car exterior washing machine.
Branching off the right run around track are the head-end car tracks and the inspection track. At the end of the inspection track is space for parking a passenger car or a supporting freight car, such as a flat car carrying spare wheels.
All along the back of the shelf are building flats, or partial buildings, representing the coach yard service buildings.
Behind the supply track is the two story power house, with belowground basement, which provides electricity and steam for the coach yard.
I am taking you up on your request for layout pics although this is a toy train layout and may not meet the level of skill seen in many of the model railroad layouts on your site. I have developed a spotting plan using numbered poker chips that lets me switch cars from industry to industry, set up a train using cars at the different industries, or spot cars onto the various industries from a waiting train.

I also have additional locomotives, an Arizona and California freight train, two passenger sets, handcars, and novelty cars that I will just run on the layout for fun. The table is one of 6 that formed a U shaped layout that previously occupied this 16 by 13 ft. It is O gauge using Lionel Fast Track laid over indoor outdoor carpet that is covered with sifted sand from my front yard. The previous layout was noticeably lacking in this regard since it was built with Lionel postwar tubular track and switches. Two baby Trainmasters and two small steam locomotives are used for the switching operations.

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