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Island Park is on the Long Beach Branch, and is one stop away from the terminal of the branch at Long Beach. For Shelter, the New York-bound platform has two, the Long Beach-bound platform one two silver with Plexiglass walls shelter structures.
The Long Beach-bound platform currently has a number of portable trailers scattered along the parking lot along that platform.
Looking up to the ends of the platforms at Island Park from the Long Beach Road grade crossingA platform railing sign at OceansideLooking down the tracks at Island Park from the Long Beach Road grade crossing. It is located on Barnum Island, one of the many barrier islands south of Long Island proper.

Interestingly it is one of only three LIRR station that are outside of Long Island proper and the only intermediate stop. Set back from the New York-bound platform at ground-level is a nondescript cream colored building with a gabled roof that overhangs and shelters an area on each side of the building. The station is located at a grade and the two platforms begin at the grade-crossing of Long Beach Road (the most southern grade-crossing on the branch) and extend north.
This grade crossing is the only way to get between each platform Each platform can accommodate 10 cars.
There are simple tiled walls, some subway wooden benches and restrooms that have seen better days.

Parking lots are scattered about both platforms between buildings although a Village of Island Park Permit is required for most spaces. Each platform has a ramp and some staircases down to the parking lots, one of note is at the northern end of the New York-bound platform because it basically leads into an alley behind some cars.

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