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SINGAPORE - A new monthly pass will be launched on July 5 to encourage commuters who are able and willing to make changes to their schedules to travel during off-peak hours. An OMTP will cost $80 for adults and $40 for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The new concession scheme, which will end on July 4, 2017, is part of a two-year trial which is expected to cost $10 million a year. Train companies have been accused of confusing passengers by having vastly different rules on what constitutes peak-time travel.Which?

RestrictionsThe magazine said the East Coast train company and West Coast Main Line operator Virgin Trains began their evening peak in the mid-afternoon. More on this story Rail passengers 'shun confusing ticket machines' 21 July 2010 Cheap tickets blocked from sale 25 June 2010 Rail passengers 'more satisfied' 22 June 2010 Train operators accused of 'astronomical' fare rises 11 May 2010 First class - what's the point? The UN high commissioner for refugees says the 60m people displaced globally is an issue involving everyone and turning migrants away "won't work". Currently, the Adult Monthly Travel Pass costs $120 for adults and $60 for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

One argument is that this manages demand by encouraging people off crowded services onto less busy trains. Other restrictions vary according to destinations and the train company that is offering the service.

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