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QUESTION: here are the train cars, IDK if they match the loco or not but they are all tin, the doors open and are fixed to the inside of the car not the outside. ExpertiseAny questions on American manufacturers of wind up cast iron floor trains, track trains and their litho tin cars and accessories.
Locomotives and railcars are sometimes shipped by rail on board another car for a variety of reasons.
This boxcar is being moved to a new railroad that will restore it for operation in historic freight trains for photographers. This old Delaware Lackawanna and Western boxcar is on its way to the Delaware Lackawanna Railroad for restoration and preservation.
New locomotives and cars for domestic industrial railroads, or international shipments are often built to different gauges and will not fit on American standard gauge track. Although the car is in good shape, its trucks use older friction bearings (as opposed to roller bearings) which are no longer legal in interchange service. I can identify variants in casting methodology and have experience in determining almost all manufacturing dates within catalogued identifiers.
Equipment can also be put on flatcars if it is damaged in such a way that it is not safe to transport on its own wheels.

If the painted condition of the cars are original it could be a relatively expensive set ranging from $300-500. I have extensive experience in the litho tin variants of passenger and freight cars that go with the wind up sets and also many of the early electric train sets.
If the repairs can't be made on site, but the car is not damaged to the point of scrapping, it can be loaded onto a flatcar and moved to a carshop for repairs as a last resort. Not only does this make the car easier to ship, it lowers the height for clearances under bridges and tunnels. Any general service flatcar model could be used.Operating this car presents similar challenges to the prototype. Please submit a picture of the tin cars so I can look at the set closer and provide a estimated value for the grouping.
I do not have extensive or specific experience on variations of European wind up toy trains but can help with most general questions on european cast iron wind up trains.Experience35 years of collecting specifically cast iron wind up trains. Although it is very well weathered, much of the original paint from the Delaware Lackawanna and Western can still be seen.
The Ives engine in the condition shown with repainted boiler bands, missing bell bracket and incorrect bell and overall finish being repainted in working condition less than $100 and less than $50 if not running.

I have repaired and restored during this same period having made many of my own tooling to support manfacturing restoration parts and accessories. The load is normally handled near the front of the train to reduce the impact of coupler slack as the train accellerates and decellerates. I have identified 5 toy train engines and cars that had not previousely been published in any referance or collector book.OrganizationsTCAPublicationsTCA ETrain magazine. The car could also be modeled in transit from a restoration facility to a museum in pristine condition, but would likely be tarped to protect it from vandals. Unless your railroad features a major car repair or similar facility, loads like this would not be an every-day occurance.
But bringing one out for special occasions would be a great way to spice up an operating session.

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