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After moving to an apartment, layout space is limited to a 68” shelf above my computer desk.
The visible part is 55 cm * 174 cm (22" * 68"), with the sector plate hidden behind a door.
LennartNot sure what equipment you are using, but if you are scratchbuilding the structures and detailing the inside of each, building this "little" layout could keep you busy for a year or two.
I like the plan but I agree with the cassette idea, I have used it and it works well, then your trains will only be limited by the number of cassettes you build. I am aware of the elevation problem - my plan is to model the track along a cut in the hillside, rather than a natural slope. It is used instead of a turnout and tail track (saves space) to transfer trains to and from the two storage tracks hidden under the hill.

The space I have for staging is what you see here, there is only 4" of wall at the narrow end. Its just got me thinking that making a machine shop carrige works and loco yard in hon3 would take up only a little space using this style of switching.I also had a vision of the whartf scene from the hangman creek lumber company being worked into something like this. The visible part of this mini layout is only 55 cm * 174 cm (22" * 68") with a sector plate hidden behind a door.
A simpler version of your vertical transfer would be what the Brits refer to as "Casette staging", i.e.
Looks like ill be working and dreaming away later this evening for another switching layout.
The sector plate and hidden storage tracks can house a Shay or Climax with four 20' cars or three pair of loaded disconnects.

A run-around track is assumed off stage, so trains always work this yard with engines located "to the east".
I could store a number of these on a narrow set of shelves behind the door, which would also give me more variety that a two-track staging yard..

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