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Doug Foscale of Fos Scale Models has been designing and manufacturing unique structure kits for model railroaders since 2002. This entry was posted on March 22, 2013, 8:26 pm and is filed under DVD's, Fos Scale Limited, Layouts, Trackwork. Bob Reid in Southern Australia, was kind enough to send in some additional photos of his On30 layout. I guestimated the dimensions (based on the truck in their advert photos) and scratchbuilt my own version.
Rolling stock is my favorite part of the hobby and while most of my fleet consists of modified Bachmann models, there are an increasing number of scratchbuilt items as time permits. My locomotive fleet mostly consists of modified Bachmann rod locomotives with a couple of Broadway C-16s in the mix. I am not strict about lettering my equipment but have tried to use up what On3 decals were on hand so several roads are represented in the fleet. Your Black Bear Jig will contain the following items:If you have misplaced any of our documentation, you can view and download what ever you need from here. Prototype Size25' Tall x 120' LongPrototype Size, unmodified, the lumber supplied in the associated materials pack will build a trestle this size. The Ubiquitous Bachmann Mogul the revolutionary On30 Locomotive and the Bachmann Cattle car. On the left is standard buy it at the hobby shop Atlas Code 100 Snaptrack, grossly oversized for HO,  weathered and ballasted.
Click here to build an On30 4x8 Layout being constructed on the Pacific Coast Coast Air LIne Railway website. The couplers that come with the Bachmann cars have a plastic wiper spring to hold the knuckle closed. I asked Bob if he could share some details of his modeling with everyone, and he was happy to do so. I work up sketches and drawings until I find what suits the space and the vibe that I’m trying to portray. I omitted one structure from the scene, rearranged the building’s placement and added a loading deck because my lumber yard is served by a rail siding as well as by road.

When I worked in On3 I used to agonize over getting things perfect to the prototype but by contrast, one of the great joys of freelancing in On30 is the freedom to add or omit whatever feels good on the day. The expansion of their line brings a complete narrow gauge world to the average modeler, no longer is narrow gauge the bastion of the rich. No one would ever imagine having a Shay locomotive priced under $200 dollars at the discounters.
I have built a railroad to represent a helper divison, a section of railroad where locomotives are added to get the tonnage up the hill, in HO. Remember On30 is much longer than HO so at the beginning and end the vertical transition has to take in account of length of the car.
I replace the stock couplers with either the Bachmann aftermarket HO spring coupler or the Mchenry HO  spring coupler. Go to the other areas and learn about modeling, there are endless tips and things to learn. Visit our Bachmann 2-8-0 page to install a Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder, install a realistic engine crew and backdate the locomotive to 1905. What if narrow gauge in American had a seed somewhere else other than England and had been 30"?
I try to get as much variety into the structures as possible through use of colour, materials, degree of weathering and the overall design itself.
I was fortunate to have rescued most of the structures from my On3 layout, including the Minero Mine, which is a feature at the yard terminus of the new layout. I have been attempting to build a large narrow gauge layout for years and this is one of the biggest challenges. The railroad was based on famous trackplanner John Armstrong's Convulsions and Western plan from an old 50's Model Railroader.
If the transitions are too abrupt the cars will uncouple, take two passanger cars and check how much is too much.
Any of these couplers are an accurate model of the real MCB coupler used by the real narrow gauge railroads.
He demonstrates some really useful techniques and I encourage everyone to check out his work and follow along!

Occasionally I see something in a magazine or book that takes my fancy – a recent example of which is the Lumber Yard kit that Mt Albert Scale Lumber are currently offering.
All equipment uses On3 Kadee couplers as they look and operate much better than the smaller HO scale couplers.
Now the modeler doesn't have to assemble masses of craftsman kits for a freight car roster.
Your On30 equipment will make the layout look larger than HO on a 4x8 because of the mass of the equipment, I have built in N-Scale, HO-scale, S-Scale, and O-scale. In fact accessibility is one of the keys to model railroading, make sure everything is within a 36 inch reach, 24 inches  is much better, especially switches. The Kadee HO coupler will cause problems  in the passenger cars because they restrict lateral movement. No more expensive brass locomotives that don't run, no more tiresome assembly of craftsman style rolling stock kits, that can't be found in any hobby shop.
With a few more added details it will rival a brass 0n3 model costing thousands of dollars.
Kadee has a On3 coupler which is larger and was mainly used by the Denver and Rio Grand Western narrow gauge road, and is difficult to mount. Going up the hill was easier than coming back down, geared mechanisms do not come down hills well, everything had to be reworked to take the play out of the gear trains. I was using them in N scale and that even presented coupler problems at the vertical transitions with long locomotives and cars. Even with command control, I was using Onboard analog, operating helpers in HO was very difficult. An On30 layout can be assembled by the rankest beginner even on a 4x8 using readily available Atlas Snaptrack. Most builder's who have these type layouts later admit the short comings of back and forth operations.

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