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Do not, DO NOT take a chance of buying multiple tickets and trying to board the train, probably you'll still have your journey with unknown faces, which is definitely not something that you wish. Rather you can check out the information available in the links given below and charter one bogey for you and your honey! Originally Posted by beckybigsky hi - what do you think our chances are of NOT reserving but still getting a seat on the toy train from kalka to simla?

52457 KLK SML PASSENGER should however have the unreserved seats, but traveling in those may not be comfortable.
Even if they do, once they realise on boarding that its only a couple who have booked out the whole car, they may allow others to occupy the rest of the vacant seats, putting paid all the effort and hope of a romantic and undisturbed journey.
If you're unable to travel on such date, you can always cancel against a nominal cancellation charge.

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