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I have several athearn streamliner and heavyweight passenger kits and i was just curious how accurate are they? The passenger cars are a little on short side compared to the prototype, but this doesn't bother me, they run on virtually any curves, no overhang, very reliable, sturdy cars.
Heavyweights - these cars are also freelanced and do not directly represent any specific prototype - BUT they are closer to many prototypes than the streamliners for several reasons. Those arch roof cars are very close to a number of prototype 70-75' arched roof cars that did exist. The Athearn cars run well and are easily detailed into very nice models if you are happy with their freelanced nature. ATLANTIC CENTRALStreamliners - these are totally freelanced and selectively compressed for sharper curves. As some other have mentioned, ATSF did have some short streamlined RPO's and baggage cars which do appear to be very well represented by the Athearn cars. The details of the heavyweights are typical Pullman car company construction and similar to most all heavyweight cars. The Athearn heavyweights are pretty good representation of Santa Fe cars - not surprising for a company located in California.
Point still remains - many heavyweight cars where shorter than the 80' plus length of a Pullman sleeper.
Only in the days of ACF and Budd streamliners did car length start to be more standardized.
Close, but actually, regarding Athearn heavyweights, the RPO is 67' and uses a unique floor.

Canadian Pacific Railway+ The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), formerly also known as CP Rail (reporting mark CP) between 1968 and 1996, is a historic Canadian Class I railroad incorporated in 1881. Cabooses   Use a caboose as your "country get-away", or remodel a bunch into a motel complex. ProgressiveRailroading site membership includes free email newsletters from our rail-industry brands. Some of them come with light bulbs inside, some of the bulbs work, some don't out of the box. If you hook up 6 old athearn santa fe streamlined passenger cars to a super chief, you won't be disappointed.
One, Pullman and other heavyweight builders used standard parts like underframes, ends, vestibule doors, and side panels to make up most cars. There has never been any word from Athearn that they where the basis for the streamlined cars. The Diner, Sleeper and Observation cars are 80' cars shortened to the same length as the Coach.
The only tips I have are to replace their couplers with Kadee couplers, this is an easy task and it makes all the difference. When the cars do light up, they look amazing and you can't beat athearn when it comes to prices. Everyone has their own views about this aspect of the hobby but I use shorter passenger cars like Athearn even though I have 36" radius curves.
The Baggage and Diner share a floor with no steps, the two Coaches and Pullman share a floor with steps at both ends and the Observation has a unique floor for the open platform.

Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia+ The Canadian Pacific Railway is a Canadian Class I Railroad that stretches from Montreal to Vancouver. Remember, a 36" radius curve in HO is a VERY sharp, restricted speed curve on the prototype.
The Coach floor and the Baggage floor will interchange with the obvious mismatch regarding the lack or presence of steps. Canadian Pacific Railway Upper Lake Service+ The Canadian Pacific Railway Upper Lake Service, also known as the Canadian Pacific Railway Upper Lake Steamships, was a division of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), which began operating passenger and cargo shipping routes in the Great Lakes during the late 19th century.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lake and River Service+ The Canadian Pacific River Lake and River Service, also known as the British Columbia Lake and River Service, was a division of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) which began operating passenger and cargo shipping routes along British Columbia's inland waters during the late 19th century. 1246 was one of three 1200-series Canadian Pacific Railway locomotives in the Steamtown, USA collection. 1278, like her sister, CPR 1293, CPR 1278 was built by Canadian Locomotive Company in 1948, and is a type 4-6-2, class G5d light weight "Pacific" locomotive. Canadian Pacific Limited+ Canadian Pacific Limited was created in 1971 to own properties formerly owned by Canadian Pacific Railway, a transportation and mining giant in Canada.

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