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Welcome to the PECO products website incorporating RATIO, WILLS, MODELSCENE and K&M Trees.
Research the location of your nearest UK model shop, or locate your country’s wholesale distributor (or retailer if we supply them direct).
Provide technical support through our Technical Advice Bureau, and you can also download turnout and crossing plans for the most popular scales – ideal for planning you next layout. Each issue includes featured layouts, scale drawings, layout plans, shows-you-how constructional articles and prototype surveys. Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Australian dollars and are approximate conversions to Australian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates.
If you have a layout and wish to show the progress of your layout, please use the On My Layout section instead.If you need help moving a topic, please contact one of the moderators.
So that we can exchange ideas for layouts at Model Rail Forum I was wondering if anybody knew of any simple and cheap software that is easily downloaded which will subsequently permit the publication of designs here? Atlas offer Right Track as Freeware, I downloaded it, unzipped and hit all the necessary buttons but it would not load.
As makemineadouble says once you set Xtrkcad up to your personal preferences it is very simple to use. If you want simple black lines then Hornby VR2 will oblige but it is limited to Hornby track and as it a full on 3D autocad bells and whistles package which does more than track design it is not free.Maybe Hornby should now offer VR1 as a free download on their website as it is getting on a bit?

Every month it features the best from the hobby for those modelling Britain's railways in all the popular scales and offers a unique blend of articles by experts and beginners alike, including a special section for newcomers wanting to learn all about the hobby and model making in general. The points provide a choice of radii larger then the fixed sectional track, allowing you to build a more realistic junction in a limited space. I do actually have Hornby VR2 with all its bells and whistles but wanted something that we could use at Model Rail Forum as a standard which would possibly permit members to exchange files and ideas. It has Peco code 100 setrack in the menu (and Hornby Dublo 3 rail track!) but you have to click on HO and not OO to find it. It may be possible to have the solid black line type appearance that you get in magazines however you do also get the two line type design in the mags.
Insulated Insulfrog points have electrical switching built in and are advised for new modellers. I would agree that it can take 1-2 hours to work it all out but once set up it does seem easy.
It has a massive and expandable library of manufacturers parts, including slot car race tracks.
We we laid my mates layout which fills a 35ft x 20 ft layout room with well over 1000ft of track it was almost exactly to plan. Electrofrog points eliminate insulation gaps, providing better running particularly at slow speeds and are recommended for DCC operation.

Electrical insulation is required to prevent short circuits, a guidance leaflet is supplied.
If its any good we can adopt it as a standard at Model Rail Forum to share track layout designs. Images can be scaled so that relatively big plans can be converted to an image of a reasonable size.
I have to say, I never actually used it much, as virtually all my planning is based on flexi-track with variable radius curves. I've used quite a few other packages and commerical cad products but Xtrckcad is what I always return to. Web Stock - Peco maintain large stocks of track so we are confident that we can obtain stock within a few days and supply your full requirements quickly.
You can change sleeper colours, remove the sleepers to have a line plan, include the track reference numbers and so on.
If anybody knows of any links to other free software that may be of interest to railway modellers then please feel free to include them here.

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