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Cafe Tallulah’s owner, Greg Hunt, has assembled a top notch team with renowned Executive Chef Roxanne Spruance (wd-50, Blue Hill), General Manager Nadir Nadir (Jean-Georges, Bar Americain), award winning Mixologist Dushan Zaric (Employees Only, Macao Trading Company), Pastry Chef Sarah Sutherland (Marea) and Wine Director Tom Gannon (Rothmann’s Steakhouse) to round out the beautifully designed location with a team that matches the caliber of high quality and original aesthetic. Whether you’re waiting for a game, a train, or the end of the workweek, these bright lights of Midtown west make the food-and-drink desert around Madison Square Garden a little more bearable. If the butcher-papered tables and stag-headed walls don’t clue you in, the Breslin focuses on meat, in quality and quantity. This old-school Irish bar still has the requisite pinch of grit lacking in so many of its midtown neighbors. With this Japanese curry shack, it’s hard to decide which quirk to focus on first – the cartoon-bedecked walls, occasional staff member in a gorilla suit, or almost kabbalistic obsession with the number five (Go means five in Japanese). Named for the Gaelic land of eternal youth, this genteel Irish pub offers a cozy, casual atmosphere amidst lace-curtain relics and architectural bric-a-brac salvaged from churches and castles of the old country. CLP Power, a subsidiary of China Light & Power, is the leading supplier of electricity in Hong Kong. To help improve air quality, it was decided in 2006 that all four units of Castle Peak B Power Station should be equipped with highly efficient wet limestone flue gas desulphurization plants. Due to the FGD retrofit, the flue gas temperature would drop well below its acid dewpoint, resulting in the need for a chimney flue lining system. Following an evaluation of different chimney flue lining technologies, CLP Power selected the Pennguard Block Lining System, using 51 mm thick Pennguard Block 55.
How to install Pennguard linings for 20 years of service with minimal maintenance CLP Power awarded the lining installation contract to Balanced Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd (BEC) from Singapore.
Safety, access and weather protection, surface preparation, Pennguard lining installation, Quality Assurance.
Cold spots : a fundamental problem for steel chimneys and chimney flues that is eliminated by the use of Pennguard liningsEvery steel chimney or steel chimney flue has steel stiffeners on its outside for structural stability as well as construction purposes.

The use of thermally insulating Pennguard linings on the inside of the steel flues eliminates this problem. The new French-inspired bistro is housed in a space originally constructed in 1910 and designed by the experts at the Interiors Group of Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman.
From pig’s trotters, to gorilla-suited waiters, to an honest beer – it’s all just a few blocks away.
Crispy berkshire pork belly with carolina gold, pumpkin, fermented cabbage & mutsu apples shares menu space with the likes of head cheese, terrine boards, and blood sausage with fried duck’s eggs and vinaigrette.
Its proximity to the Garden, along with walls lined with flat screen televisions, make the dining destination a sports bar. The Blarney Rock has grounded 33rd Street from 1969 on, with the accumulated sports memorabilia to prove it. Originally named for Hideki Matsui’s number, the restaurant still ends its phone number with all fives and opens and closes at five minutes to the hour. Huge picture windows open onto the church-pipe-organ turned bar and illuminate a civil place to enjoy a pint or whiskey. CLP Power’s Castle Peak Power Station, one of the largest coal firing power stations in the world, has four 677 MW units that were commissioned between 1985 and 1989. The Pennguard linings were installed in all four flues during planned boiler outages, each about 70 days long, in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In newly constructed chimneys, Pennguard lined steel flues do not receive any external insulation. On the main floor you will find the room’s focal point, the longest bar on the Upper West Side. The crowd is largely blue collar – New York Magazine notes that “the Blarney Rock is not the place to discuss your plans to build or renovate with nonunion labor,” and construction workers, elevator repairmen, and MTA employees still rub shoulders with commuters and, often as not, hordes of Rangers or Knicks fans yelling at the bar’s numerous TVs.

In between, they serve up white rice and deep-fried toppings like pork katsu, all doused with the star attraction – the curry sauce, a thick, brown, slightly sweet gloop that looks fairly suspect but tends to inspire fanatical devotion among the clientele. The Celtic-influenced American pub food offers excellent seafood dishes, as well as a memorable shepherd’s pie. Running at over 38% efficiency at full load, the Castle Peak B units are a key generating asset for the Hong Kong economy.
Cold spots constantly 'drain' heat from the gas stream, causing excessive condensate formation inside the chimney flue, especially during start-ups and low load operation. When a Pennguard lining is installed in existing steel flues, it is usually necessary to remove any thermal insulation system present on the outside flue surface. This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me! This cast zinc bar top was designed by the artisans at Bastille Metal Works and was heavily inspired by New York’s old Penn Station. This adventurousness, along with a fastidious devotion to fresh, toothsome breads, sets Co.
For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area.

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