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Madison Square Garden is certainly the recognizable name in arena entertaining, hosting Rangers and Knicks games, concerts, even political conventions. The first, inspired by P.T Barnum and a popular bandleader, staked its claim in the hottest area of New York in the 1870s. You can tune into it below, download it for FREE from iTunes or other podcasting services, get it straight from our satellite site. Madison Square Garden I, built for William Kissam Vanderbilt, grandson of Cornelius Vandebilt. Madison Square Garden II, designed by Stanford White, studded with towers, weathervanes, grand arches and other Moorish touches. Unlike so many architectural calamities, at least it was replaced with something of equal beauty — namely the golden Cass Gilbert gem New York Life Insurance Building, looking here as though it were situated in California.
Promoter Tex Rickard, who helped form the New York Rangers and changed the sport of boxing forever with dozens of sell-out matches at his Garden. However, with the exception of Fashion Week, there may not be a fancier, more celebrity-laden row of seats than courtside during a Knicks game (below, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and Ahmad Rashad, 2008).
For more information on special events, visit Madison Square Garden’s official website.
Marilyn Monroe sings to JFK on his birthday (and just a few months before her death) at MSG III. Help out the Bowery Boys!Become a patron of the Bowery Boys for as little as $1 a month and help us produce twice as many shows!
Yesterday, the New York City Council voted 47-1 to limit the permit for Madison Square Garden to just 10 years. So far, the public debate over Penn Station has largely been a political issue with Christine Quinn, the loudest supporter for a new Penn Station.
One solution proposed in 2007 by the Department of City Planning proposal is via upzoning, which can be achieved in part by transferring unused or surplus development rights to reach 24 FAR (Floor Area Ratio), up to 30 FAR in some areas. As for Madison Square Garden, MAS has a potential site: The Morgan Postal Facility on 9th to 10th Avenue. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has signaled her support for the creation of a new Pennsylvania Station, calling for a 10-year limit to Madison Square Garden's permit to operate an arena on the site.
Madison Square Garden has applied for an indefinite renewal of a permit to continue operating a station on the site.
The City Planning Commission struck a compromise: It recommended the permit be limited to 15 years and created a loophole that would allow it to be renewed permanently if Madison Square Garden could reach an agreement with the Long Island Rail Road, NJ Transit and Amtrak to allow them access to add more stairwells, elevators and escalators to Penn Station. Joseph Lhota, former MTA chairman and a former executive vice president at the Madison Square Garden company, was asked following a mayoral forum whether the arena should have to move to another location. Madison Square Garden and its backers continued their fight Wednesday to keep the iconic sports arena above Penn Station despite calls to move the facility to a new location. The city?s planning commission recommended last month that the City Council only extend a special permit for the Garden to operate there for 15 years.
In 1982, at the end of Ed Koch's first term as Mayor of New York, the Knicks and the Rangers, two teams who call MSG home, threatened to leave the city.
So, to retain the teams in New York, Koch and the New York State Legislature granted a tax abatement to the Dolans, the family that own the Madison Square Garden Corporation; by doing so, the Corporation would not have to pay any property taxes whatsoever. The only difference with the Madison Square Garden Co.'s break is that it's twenty years past due. Madison Square Garden will not be able to remain in its location in perpetuity, said two City Council committees. Like so many epic matches at Madison Square Garden, the fight over the future of the arena’s special permit went many rounds. The Garden, controlled by the Dolan family, had hoped to have its permit extended a bit longer.
The council’s Zoning and Franchises Subcommittee approved the measure by a vote of 7-0, and the full Land-Use Committee followed suit, voting 18-1. Other changes to the permit include the elimination of a loophole that would have allowed the arena to strike a deal with the three railroads for infrastructure improvements only to be approved by the City Planning Commission. Moving Madison Square Garden and revamping the underlying Penn Station would recast the entire surrounding neighborhood, Crain’s reported, citing a new report from the Municipal Art Society.

Should the current home of the New York Knicks be moved and the area rezoned, the development of 20 million to 30 million square feet of new offices, hotels and apartment buildings would follow, according to the report.
The restoration of Penn Station and the development of surrounding real estate go hand in hand, as available public funds to pay for a new station are limited.
A payments-in-lieu of taxes strategy could funnel that money into bonds that would pay for area infrastructure improvements.
While Mann said the study, based on a 2007 rezoning proposal from the city that was never snapped up, is real, he stressed that the findings do not constitute a concrete plan of how to develop the area. The success of such a plan to revamp Penn Station hinges on the outcome of the adjacent Hudson Yards rezoning, where real estate taxes are being developed to pay for the 7 train line’s extension.
Madison Square Garden has operated at its current site for generations, and has been proud to bring New Yorkers some of the greatest and most iconic moments in sports and entertainment. Cheers to the decade ahead, during which we'll figure out a lot of things, like how to relocate the arena, find the funds for a new transit hub, and more!
Sports venue Madison Square Garden was built on the site in the stead of what had been a pink-granite, marble-columned Beaux-Arts-style masterpiece. In fact, Grand Central Station owes its continued existence to a landmarks preservation law that was brought in on foot of the outcry over Penn’s destruction. Until the first blow fell, no-one was convinced that Penn Station really would be demolished, or that New York would permit this monumental act of vandalism against one of the largest and finest landmarks of its age of Roman elegance.
The station had been a meeting place, a focal point for visiting dignitaries as well as a travel hub. Cuban president Fidel Castro arriving at Penn Station to crowds of admirers on a US trip in 21 April 1959. The fact that homelessness is still such a big problem in Ireland makes me angry, writes Transition Year student Mark Hartery.
The plan to link Child Benefit to children’s school attendance records has come under much scrutiny this week. The second, a classic designed by the city’s most famous architect, featured both trendy new sports and high society events.
This one will require you to click into the picture for greater detail to see the full effect.
This may surprise no one, but their other claims to fame include designing both Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Johnson Space Center in Texas.
600,000 people pass through Penn Station a day, making it the country’s busiest train station. Challenges to the area include aging office buildings (pre WWII and 1960s-era) and outdated zoning.
This would put the Penn Station district within the same range as nearby Hudson Yards development (20-33 FAR). Quinn, who is also the Democratic front-runner for mayor, is also calling for the creation of a commission to study finding a new home for the 45-year-old stadium and creating a new train station. The council's land-use committee heard testimony Wednesday from civic groups, Madison Square Garden officials, local business leaders and filmmaker Spike Lee. Quinn said in a letter to Madison Square Garden president and chief executive Hank Ratner, released Wednesday.
Weiner finished his answer with another shot at the Dolan family, this time their handling of former New York Rangers coach John Totorella.
Supporters of the limited permit hope it would the first step in moving the Garden and upgrading the transit hub below. For five years, he was an executive vice president of Cablevision; then, in 2010, he was named the chief administrative officer at Madison Square Garden Co. The city's fiscal insolvency of the Seventies was only just dissipating and the economic boom of the late Eighties had yet to take hold; as a result, the sports organizations, who bring millions of dollars in revenue to the City every year, felt threatened by the uncertain times and wanted an escape plan.
Thirty years later, this break has cost the City nearly $300 million; in the coming fiscal year, MSG Co.
The Yankees, Mets and, now, the Brooklyn Nets have always been given profit incentives, courtesy of the taxpayer. The unanimous decision backs City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's position and delivers a huge win to preservationists.

In the end though, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn delivered the crucial blow, leaving the presumed underdogs, the preservationists and transit advocates, the victor as two City Council committees unanimously approved a 10-year permit for the Garden Wednesday. In fact, they insisted that it should be granted in perpetuity, arguing such was the case for other athletic facilities in the city. Quinn declared, “Given the uniqueness of the site, with the arena sitting above the most heavily trafficked transit hub in the city, as well as the nation, a term for the permit is warranted. The advocacy group has pushed to oust the Garden over the next decade, arguing that more than $1.3 billion in taxes and other payments could be generated from the redevelopment of some 30 sites around Penn Station. The City Council voted today to grant the embattled arena just 10 more years to operate in its current spot?it had been gunning for a permit in perpetuity?with the idea that it could soon relocate to make way for a grander, snazzier, starchitect-designed Penn Station. We now look forward to the reopening of the arena in fall 2013, following the completion of our historic three-year, nearly billion dollar transformation, which will ensure our future is as bright as our celebrated past.
The far west side developments and Midtown East upzoning should ensure that there is plenty of city development before this areas time comes in 10 years. The third Garden, moving up town, stripped off the glamour and helped make the Garden’s sporting reputation. Her nude exploits in its creation cause quite a fervor in the press.The tragic, beautiful Evelyn Nesbit, caught up between a powerful man and an insane spouse.
Tex Rickard, moving the venue uptown to 50th Street, was more concerned with the entertainment inside than the flash and fancy outside. The firm also designed Los Angeles’s convention center which was partially demolished over a decade ago to make room for the Staples Center.
The owners of the Garden were pushing for a permit that would last for perpetuity, the Bloomberg administration aiming for 15 years. MAS proposes a similar funding structure to Hudson Yards, through establishing a revenue-capture entity like the Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation. But a number of civic groups fought against the effort, arguing for a term-limited permit that might help resuscitate negotiations over relocating the arena so that Penn Station, trapped underneath the Garden for half a century, might be rebuilt and expanded. Quinn, following the lead of the activists and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, reduced the term to 10 years.
That provision still exists, but now it must be fully vetted through the public approval process, which includes review by the community board, borough president and the council.
The Municipal Art Society, which has essentially championed throwing MSG under the bus to make way for a new Penn and along the way gained support from politicians like Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn as well as bold-faced names like Barry Diller and Bette Midler, is obviously thrilled.
I watch many Knicks games and if they move to LI or something I will not treck out there to do so.
Madison Square Garden could apply for a renewal when the next term is up, or it could find an alternative location. While we jokingly created an Untapped Guide to Penn Station (which still contains remnants of the original McKim, Meade & White station!), the cramped, underground maze that is Penn Station is both outdated and over-capacity, serving three times more passengers each day than when it opened. Such an entity would receive bonus payments, and potentially payments in lieu of property taxes, mortgage recording taxes and sales taxes.
There, he was responsible for securing the best gift of all from Albany: a free tax ride for the Corporation worth millions.
You currently have 0 posts.(Don't forget To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Such an entity would receive bonus payments, and potentially payments in lieu of property taxes, mortgage recording taxes and sales taxes.
This is actually the fourth incarnation of Madison Square Garden (the first gave its namesake, located at Madison Square Park), so it has a history of moving even if reluctant now. This has not stopped The Municipal Art Society to launch a design challenge for a new Penn Station, in which architecture firms Diller Scofidio + Renfro with Josh Sirefman, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, SHoP Architects and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) participated. Bonds would be issued against these revenue streams to fund capital improvements, as the Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation has done to finance the 7 line subway extension and park extensions.

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