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The original Penn Station was a steel and glass shrine to transportation, an elegant Beaux-Arts temple with its 150 foot high ceilings and a waiting room modeled after the Roman Baths of Caracalla. Now it is an underground Habitrail™, lit by yellowed fluorescents and flavored by the odors of Roy Rogers™ and Cinnabon™ stinking down the corridors.
Life Magazine has posted an entire series by Eisenstaedt of WWII soldiers’ farewells at Penn Station here.
Peter Moore and his wife Barbara documented the death of Penn Station and published their work, The Destruction Of Penn Station. The only consolation is that Penn Station’s demolition was a large factor in the creation of the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1965. In the long term, hardly any resident of, or regular visitor to New York avoids Penn Station.

Penn Station’s culinary shortcomings are, of course, products of more than just sub-par cuisine and insectoid infestation—problems, likely unsolvable, of light, air and architecture, to name just three. Strangely, as Manhattan gets steeped more and more in products and places luxurious, curated and sterilized, it is the evaporation of such environs—albeit mostly with more historical and cultural cache—that many lament. Excepting the mad scurry for Amtrak platforms after the track number has finally been revealed on the big board, it is an oppressive space completely without joy. There it squats, obdurately begrimed in the lee of Madison Square Garden, a fetid nexus for passengers making Manhattan transfers, as well as those bound for more far flung locales.
Without, even, a few reliable stores of lousiness—reminders that life is not always, relentlessly, oppressively but a proverbial dream?
And we will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed.

Even Amtrak’s Acela riders find nothing to show at Penn Station for their exorbitant fares but a grim, half-scrubbed corral reserved for their waiting. And as Times transit reporter Matt Flegenheimer observed yesterday, in a delightful little feature, the dining options at the subterranean depot are very of much of a piece.

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