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Discover what to do, where to stay and what to see in New York City with our planning tool. Enjoy Shakespeare in the Park, the Museum Mile Festival, Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks and more.
Wireless Internet is available at locations throughout NYC—including many parks and libraries. New York City is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Chugging along since April 1834, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, shuttles 285,000 passengers each day over routes running from Montauk to Manhattan. Cuomo is proposing an AirTrain LaGuardia be built, similar to how both JFK and Newark airports are connected to the rail networks.
The (relatively) new Q70 Limited bus service runs essentially non-stop between the subway and airport terminals.
Willets Point really is much further away and has only one train line compared to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue.
Willits Point offers up connections to the Long Island Rail Road in addition to just the NYC Subway system. Never miss another post: Sign up for email alerts and get only the content you want direct to your inbox. I’d love to see them extend NQ service from Ditmars Blvd directly to the terminals, or have an AirTrain run from Astoria Blvd down the Grand Central Parkway right of way. Ted and Jake are right – extending from the N train at Astoria Blvd is the most logical and prompt way to move folks into Manhattan via rail (if unfortunately a 2 seat ride).

Not that I blame them for objecting to the subway running outside their front door, but that’s likely going to kill that option pretty quick.
Like all other Cuomo schemes, it’s a great idea, except for all the ways in which it completely sucks. The LIRR connects to Amtrak and to New Jersey Transit at Penn Station, and to the AirTrain at Jamaica, Queens.
This time it is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo making the suggestion and, as expected, there is plenty of buzz in the air. For LaGuardia the AirTrain would run along the Grand Central Parkway to Willets Point in Queens where it would connect to the NYC Subway’s 7 train or the Long Island Rail Road. And it is sever stops when running express (morning rush hour peak only) from there to Manhattan; it is 17 stops on the local. And that’s great until one realizes that the LIRR spur being connected is on the Port Washington Line of the LIRR which serves only a tiny fraction of Long Island. There is not room along the GCP at the end of Runway 4 to squeeze it in under the flight path. LaGuardia is one of only a few major US airports without a rail mass transit option in a city where there is otherwise rail service available.
Building it along the existing highway and through mostly industrial areas should help reduce objections from local citizens and keep costs down. Compare that to the current options from Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue where there are five train lines to choose from, including the E train which is only 3 stops from Manhattan and already carrying airport passengers to JFK as well.
Yes, it must contend with traffic but even in those situations the total ride time remains quite reasonable.

And if the goal is faster access into Manhattan and Penn Station then the Willets Point station also fails compared to today’s options with much lower frequencies and, even if you catch the right train timing, almost no time savings over the Subway options. And this particular AirTrain proposal involves a less convenient transfer point which will make the ride more difficult for the very passengers it claims to be helping, those who want better mass transit at LaGuardia. It will also result in a system which is less convenient than what is available today for the majority of LaGuardia’s users.
Yes, it means taking a bus from the subway to the airport terminal, but that is likely a better option than what Cuomo’s AirTrain LaGuardia proposal offers. And saving 5 minutes by riding an AirTrain versus a bus doesn’t do much good for all the passengers who must add a transfer to the train portion of their trip or ride 5-10 minutes further on the subway to get to the AirTrain connection. And the Q70 does connect to Woodside, a LIRR station with access to all of the lines, not just the Port Washington Line. The political will to establish single-seat service from the airport to Manhattan likely does not exists. And I’m betting against that plan ever moving forward thanks to the local residents and NIMBYism. And it still doesn’t solve the issue of providing a single seat ride from Manhattan to LaGuardia.
But building a new, half billion dollar system which makes connections worse for travelers seems to be the ultimate boondoggle.

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