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Complimentary shuttle pick up to or from your hotel (between 23rd & 63rd streets) to Grand Central. From Newark, please board our partner, Newark Airport Express Bus Service (yellow and blue bus) to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC. Please board the NYC Airporter Express Bus at JFK or LaGuardia and exit at the Port Authority Bus Terminal or Grand Central Terminal. Please look for the NYC Airporter Uniformed Sales Agents wearing GREEN blazers or coats (winter) or white shirts (summer) at our desk located in the Ground Transportation Welcome Center and also outside of the baggage claim area. Great location- convenient to all major transportation, including Penn Station and Path train. The magical thing about Fire Island is that no cars are allowed, so you walk or bike everywhere, and the whole place feels like summer camp. The Hudson Valley is peppered with quaint small towns, such as Rhinebeck, Woodstock and Hudson, but my favorite is the little town of Saugerties. Spring Lake is a charming town with Victorian houses, between a glistening lake and the salty ocean. A weekend getaway to Miami is more adventurous (and obviously splurgier) than staying local, but it’s surprisingly easy to get down there and offers a mind-blowing escape in the wintertime. Day Picnic Near Delhi , Picnic Spots Around Delhi , Day Outing Near Delhi Comment Thanks for sharing good information ! Day Picnic Near Delhi , Picnic Spots Around Delhi , Day Outing Near Delhi Comment Thanks for sharing good information! I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post Aplikasi Android.
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It is a perfect weekend getaway for those looking for a change and rest and Black Mango Resort rejuvenation. I know this post is a year old, but I live in Delaware, and the Delaware water gap (which is actually in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as I’m sure you’re aware) is lovely!
Exotic Car Rentals Professional car rentals help you not only save money on gasoline but also assure you a relaxing trip in Los Angeles. As we approached Haymaker Bar, Olivia, a member of the Sideways team, mentioned that she often finds herself around Penn Station with time to kill, but nowhere to kill it. While chatting, Tristan brought out some of Haymaker’s food specialties for us to try, and as we were sitting at the bar, a shipment arrived.

Flavor is king at Haymaker, and David says that a devoted core of regulars have already started forming. At the Port Authority Bus Terminal, transfer to our NYC Airporter Express Shuttle Bus to JFK or LaGuardia. We stayed with friends last summer in the teeny town of Fair Harbor, which looks like a postcard with its red firehouse, pizza parlor, grocery store, beach and playground. Stay at Ashling Cottage B&B and enjoy homemade muffins and eggs while reading the newspaper or playing Scrabble on their wrap-around porch. The Black Mango Resort has spacious & luxurious rooms with home-style delicious meals will leave you feeling revitalized. You can stay at the historical Montauk Manor for half the price and get to know all the locals.
She does not know where to go, besides the chain stores and sports bars that populate the area. Tristan showed us a menu, telling us that instead of using a chalkboard, he uses a clever stamping system on the menu to show the “constantly rotating” beers. Originally from Northern Ireland, he moved to New York in 2006, where his career in the bar world started to kick off. Tristan turned his attention to the box and we were able to witness the sight of him opening the new case of beer.
People come by for a variety of reasons, whether it is to take advantage of $2 off select wine, beer, and house drinks during Happy Hour from 4-7, to grab a light lunch with coworkers, or because they are a “beer nerd” and treat Haymaker as a destination bar.
Please look for the NYC Airporter’s uniformed sales agents wearing GREEN blazers or jackets (winter) or white shirts ( summer) at our desk located at every terminal near the Ground Transportation Welcome Center and also outside of the baggage claim area. Please look for the NYC Airporter's Uniformed Sales Agents wearing GREEN blazers or coats (Winter) or white shirts (Summer) at our desk located in the Ground Transportation Welcome Center and also outside of the baggage claim area. I also LOVE the Villa at Saugerties, which is currently closed, but hopefully will re-open again soon. It’s true that there’s not a whole lot to do there, but what more do you really need than some great people, some cocktails, and hot dogs on a stick? It not only save your time but your money as well and you can easily visit more places in less time.
Her eyes lit up when we walked into Haymaker, a hip bar with an individual spirit, where the emphasis is not placed on sporting events, but rather the large selection of drinks and good food. He was incredibly enthusiastic about Haymaker, which had only opened a few weeks prior to our visit in the fall of 2015. He and his current business partner, Jeff Anszulewicz, met while working at Dempsey’s in the East Village.
The crew is eagerly anticipating the completion of the Hudson Yards project, as they know they are in a perfect location to attract this new clientele.

You can go antiquing, pick your own fruits and vegetables, go sailing, walk out to the Saugerties lighthouse (it’s beautiful, and you can sit on the deck and dip your feet in the water), go hiking, tour estates and mansions, and watch an airplane show and fly in an open-cockpit bi-plane in nearby Rhinebeck (we did this for Alex’s birthday once! The enormous infinity pool is as warm as a bathtub, and slowly slants down as you wade deeper into it, facing Biscayne Bay, until you feel surrounded by water and sky.
Definitely wait until it gets warm, and think about going rafting or canoeing…several places nearby offer it for cheap.
It feels like you’ve gone back in time because of the antique house you can see there. The space emanated a sense of rustic hospitality and old-world charm, without seeming in the least old-fashioned.
That was followed by a sour from Crooked Stave, based in Denver, and Olivia’s favorite, the Kent Falls Shower Beer, with hints of lime, coriander, and sea salt.
We happily continued to snack on the creamy orange pimento cheese with crackers and fresh cut up veggies.
The town still has enough Jersey-Shore to keep it entertaining: The last time we went we saw girls on the beach in high heels and a tattooed dude with a pet parrot! At the hotel restaurant, try the Greek salad with tofu or the fish sandwich with spicy fries. Also check out the local towns; there are a lot of super quirky and rustic stores to wander around. He started with a cider and mentioned a tasting that was slated for that evening with Kyle Sherrer from Millstone Cellars. Tom’s favorite, the “Bomb!” from Prairie, was brewed with chili peppers, chocolate, and espresso beans. For dinner, try the seasonal food at Miss Lucy’s Kitchen in Saugerties (they also have two rooms for rent upstairs). Bonus: The hotel offers fluffy white robes, so you can spend your weekend in a robe, swimsuit and flip flops–no need to pack much else! We found the most interesting to be the Millstone Bonfire Cyser, where cider, mead, and smoked fish peppers blended together into a perfectly balanced spicy-sweet combination.
Olivia and Tom wholeheartedly agreed, as did my husband and friends when we stopped in a few days later. Even though it is Manhattan, David and Jeff recognized it as a neighborhood that needed a bar with their vision. They wanted to be certain that the quality of the food matched the caliber of the drink, so they brought in Jim Takacs as executive chef and Tristan to run the bar.

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