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You’ve had a busy week, so we complied the most interesting, funny, or downright odd travel stories from these past seven days in one post!
Last year, Las Vegas welcomed more than 42 million visitors, up from 41.1 in 2014, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). The travel numbers are only preliminary, and the official total will be announced early in 2016. Find out how the Entertainment Capital of the World is hoping to break records in 2016 in Las Vegas News Brief – January 2016. As part of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, the Internal Revenue Service now can request the State Department to revoke, deny, or limit passports of U.S.
Though some travelers might not care if they can travel internationally, passports are required for some residents for domestic travel in 2016 as per the Real ID Act, which created a national standard for state-issued IDs, like driver’s licenses. Better known as “Penn Station,” the transportation hub would have a glass-walled entrance from Eighth Avenue, an upgraded shopping area, new entrances on Seventh Avenue or 33rd Street, and a transformed James A. The Javits plan calls for the addition of more than one million square feet of new space, including New York City’s largest ballroom, meeting rooms, and exhibition halls in a new glass structure, plus an outdoor space.
Penn Station, or Pennsylvania Station, as it is more officially known, is one of New York City’s two main rail stations – the other being Grand Central Station.
The original Penn Station NYC opened in 1910 and was renowned for its grand Beaux-Arts style.
Being that Penn Station is such a major transportation hub, it only makes sense that a number of New York City hotels have sprung up in the immediate area.
404Takicked off Fashion Week by being completely draped in long white curtains Talast Friday to make the bright and colorful designs of Novis clothing pop! Over the past year and a half or so, Novis designer Jordana Warmflash has built up a following for her whimsical, vintage-inspired silhouettes done in modern fabrications.
It’s almost Halloween and then Winter which means it’s the perfect time to throw a lavish and exciting Masquerade Ball! 404Tais conveniently located within blocks of Penn Station making it a perfect spot for your out of town guests! 404 will be in the middle of it all when the International Fancy Foods Confection Show lands at the Jacob Javits Center this June and July!
Growth can be attributed to the success of the High Line which has spurred $2 billion of private investment, 12,000 new jobs and 29 development projects since opening in June 2009. In order to transform one of Manhattan’s last undeveloped areas, the city and state have initiated major investments in mass transit, new parks and new cultural and recreational facilities directly adjacent to Hudson Yards. The renovation of Moynihan Station and construction of a new train station at what is now known as the Farley Post Office will extend Penn Station west to 9th Avenue. The Javits Center has recently completed a renovation into a state-of-the-art complex that will attract more visitors to New York City and further reinvigorate the west side of Manhattan. On September 20, 2012, the High Line broke ground on its third and final section, which wraps around Hudson Yards, extending the park to the northern terminus of 12th Avenue and West 34th Street. Hudson River Park begins at Clinton Cove at West 55th Street and the West Side Highway and extends five miles to Riverside South.
Hudson Park & Boulevard is a central element of the new Hudson Yards business district. However, the LVCVA lists new non-stop flights and higher convention attendance for its record number of visitors. If you live in Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York, you’ll need a passport to fly within the U.S.

Farley Post Office with a train station and a waiting room for Amtrak passengers, according to Cuomo’s proposal. Also, the semi-permanent Javits North on the 40th Street side would be demolished for a four-level garage for tractor-trailers hauling equipment for the conventions and meetings. Find out in Cuomo Lays Out Renovation Plan for Penn Station and Farley Post Office, and for more on the expansion plans for the Javits Center (home of NYCC!), check out Cuomo Announces $1 Billion Expansion for Javits Center.
Impressively, the staff has items from travel tourism giants like Chicago and Hong Kong to lesser known cities like Atlanta and Baltimore on the list. Both are found in Manhattan; Penn Station on the West Side (31st to 33rd Streets between Seventh and Eighth Avenues) and Grand Central on the East Side (42nd Street and Park Avenue). One of New York City’s most impressive architectural offerings for decades on end, it was demolished in the 1960s and replaced with the current facility. The main concourse features numerous information booths, for example, and there are plenty of convenient eateries. Among the very closest NYC hotels to Penn Station are the landmark New Yorker Hotel, the 1,700-unit Hotel Pennsylvania, and the budget-priced Chelsea Star Hotel.
AndTastarlets including Morgan Saylor, Mickey Sumner, and Julia Garner turned up at the labelOCOs Spring presentation on Friday to support the up-and-comer.
A no-hassle stroll just 3 blocks away from one of the largest commuter terminals in New York City.
Located on 10th ave between 33rd and 32nd,Ta404 offers the perfect spot to host your delicious after party!
Bordered by the Hudson River, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown, this neighborhood is booming. The High Line has started construction of its third and final phase which wraps Hudson Yards as it turns toward the Hudson River at West 30th Street and culminates at 12th Avenue and West 34th Street. The following public investments have already catalyzed rapid development in the surrounding area and their impact will be especially beneficial for Hudson Yards, situated at the epicenter. 7 Subway west and south from its old terminus at Times Square adding a new station at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue. Major renovations to the main building include a new green roof, curtain wall, skylights, and the enlargement of the main entrances and upgrades to the building's systems. With thirteen reconstructed piers and dozens of landscaped acres offering both a tranquil respite and a multitude of active recreation, it's difficult to imagine the New West Side without this amazing park. Four acres of broad tree-lined parks and open space will extend from West 33rd to West 39th Street and eventually all the way to West 42nd Street. New York City newcomers should know that these two stations actually handle more than just regular train traffic. The destruction of the original Penn Station upset many New Yorkers and is believed to be a major reason for the creation of the city’s first architectural preservation statutes. As is true at busy airports, the restaurants at Penn Station include several well known chain brand operations that don’t waste of lot of time getting food to the customer. As for other Penn Station area lodging ideas, the fan of comfortable and stylish boutique hotels won’t want to overlook the Affinia Manhattan, and the Wingate by Wyndham Manhattan Midtown provides plenty in the way of style and comfort itself.
Inspired by midcentury modern architecture and furniture, Warmflash showed a slightly retro, geometric OC?mapOCO print on tailored DB topcoats and vests as well as on an on-trend cropped bustier top and matching full skirt. Surrounded by a vibrant area for tourism and nightlife, 404 stands alone as the hottest venue for private events! Keep your confections in the limelight before, during and after your show so no one can miss your awesomely tasty product!

Send your potential customers just around the corner to your own private pop up shop or after party because one little booth isn’t always enough!
It is a beacon for creative professionals, growing at five times the rate of the rest of Manhattan. The third phase of the High Line opened in 2014.Additional public investment in area parks, mass transit and infrastructure will ensure this is the most livable area of the city. Paris’ Pain de Sucre serves “top-notch” macarons, while Japantown in San Francisco offers traditional ramen, kobe beef nigari, and maki rolls. Several subway lines serve them, and they are also major hubs of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus system. Either way, the current Penn Station NYC is part of the Pennsylvania Plaza complex, which was completed in 1968 and also features the fourth installment of Madison Square Garden.
Several highly familiar chain brand lodging establishments can also be found in the immediate area for those who are most comfortable going that route. She further articulated the linear concept with Tetris-like color-blocked intarsia knit dresses and sweet A-line shorts featuring a graphic grid pattern. Roll out the red (or black) carpet and get your hottest mask ready, let’s have a ball!
404 provides a perfect backdrop and big open ceiling space that allows anything from simple paper chains to billowing drapes and chandeliers!
With it’s unique multi-level space, you and your guests can party all night and still make your train on time!
Come use our multi-level space to show off your very own personalized trade show event and make your product stand out! A hub for fashion, design, communications and the arts, the area recently became the home of Google and other fast-growing technology and digital media firms. Dai Pai Dongs in Hong Kong are great for those evening cravings with stir-fried meats and noodles. Also worth noting is the fact that the current Penn Station is the busiest passenger transportation facility in the United States and North America’s busiest train station.
Being that this is New York, you can certainly expect to get a tasty slice of pizza at Penn Station or a good bagel. Elsewhere, Warmflash dove into high-tech materials like a spongy honeycomb mesh, which she whipped up into a sunny yellow cap-sleeve gown with a peekaboo sheer skirtOCoit was a definite standout. Every picture will be incredible, every guest will be amazed and every moment will be cherished!
There are also places to get hot dogs, some soup, a sandwich, doughnuts, a quick burger and fries, and even some sushi if that suits your fancy. It should be noted that all of the hotels near Penn Station are also close to a variety of other great NYC attractions, including Central Park and the Times Square Theater District with its many New York City shows. All white, spacious and full of endless possibilities 404 hosts some of the most imaginative, colorful and decorative events in all of New York City. Basically, you can satisfy a wide range of food and beverage cravings at Penn Station, and the well established bars and restaurants that are found close by only add more dining options.

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