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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. There may not be light at the end of the tunnel in the ongoing labor impasse between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and unions representing Long Island Railroad workers. The Long Island Railroad rolled closer to a possible summer strike Wednesday when transit executives rejected a proposed series of raises for workers.
MTA Labor Relations Director Anita Miller notified the National Mediation Board that the authority would not enact a contract settlement for the commuter railroad that was crafted by an independent panel. Simona€™s union is one of eight representing LIRR workers that are involved in the labor showdown with MTA brass. The MTA, meanwhile, all but accused the unions of being indifferent to the possibility that the raises sought would necessarily result in fares being increased to levels higher than that which the authority has already planned. Federal law says commuter railroad workers can legally walk off the job if a contract deal is not reached after a lengthy process involving negotiations, mediation and mandatory a€?cooling offa€? periods. On Wednesday, transit executives rejected a proposed series of raises for workers, marking the latest failure in the negotiating process. In December, a Presidential Emergency Board formed to avert a LIRR walkout recommended the MTA raise workersa€™ pay by an average of 2.85% a year for six years.

The proposal didna€™t include any work-rule changes that the MTA sought in order to curb resulting expenses.
The panel had decided that the MTA can grant a€?modesta€? pay increases without impacting the safety and quality of LIRR service.
MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast and other officials, however, have insisted the authoritya€™s finances are fragile. The MTA also has argued that workers should a€?sacrifice,a€? as riders have done by absorbing a series of fare hikes in recent years. A partial copy of the transcript shows Roth was referencing a union exhibit that apparently listed fares over many years, with inflation factored in, to demonstrate the per-rider expense in present-day dollars. The move prompted an angry response from a top union leader representing LIRR workers, who have labored without a contract since 2010.
Workers have been laboring without a contract since 2010 -- and without one, a summer strike is a possibility. But workers for the first time would have been required to help pay their healthcare premiums. It considered the cost of living in the New York City region and the pay afforded LIRR employees compared to those of other commuter railroads.

It can only grant raises that are paid for by work-rule or benefit changes that would generate savings, officials have said.
During the hearings, that expert, Tom Roth, said: a€?The passengers have had a good run at the MTA, and it is about time the fares went up,a€? according to Miller's testimony. The contributions for healthcare would have increased during the six years of the pact and eventually arrived at 2.5% of earnings, excluding overtime, in the final year.
It also considered the increased revenues the MTA receives as a result of the 2009 bailout package from the state, which included new taxes and fees for transit operations. Otherwise, the MTA will have to raise fares higher than already planned or scale back its construction and maintenance programs.

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