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How else would you propose to bring segments of rail back together that the cold has caused to stretch apart from each other? I would assume the combination of pouring a flammable substance on wooden ties soaked with creosote might not be all that good for the ties, sure, that combination would greatly improve the lifetime of the road bed and preserve the ties. From the looks of the smoke in the pictures, though, I don't think they are using Firesnake. Putting it out when done could be a mite challenging, though, other than waiting for it to burn out.

Continuous Welded Rail (CRW) must be laid at a given temperature, if it is colder than this out side, the rail must be heated to that temperature.
The FRA takes a very close look at a railroad's provedures for handling any kind of adjustment of CWR, with good reason. As information (and to show how crude this little example is), most Neutral Temperatures (that I've seen and can remember now) are in the 90 to 115 deg.
To close an open joint on an emergency basis, you only have to pull enough locally (a couple hundred feet maybe) to get it to close enough to get bolts in a joint bar.

You still have to come back before warm weather returns and adjust a much longer stretch through that area so that you don't create a potential problem.

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