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Whether you're new to us or a longstanding member, there are several ways to get in touch. Latest news releases and statements, information on spokespeople and contacts for journalists. Google maps have just added public transport directions to their service on desktop and mobile devices. Public transport directions for London Underground, buses, trams and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) are all covered by the new feature.
Google has credited Transport for London (TfL) for making this feature possible as they made the information available through the London Datastore. Using the city's famed trams and an extensive train and bus network, you'll be able explore every corner.
Melbourne's public transport network extends from the city centre in all directions, with trains, trams and buses offering comprehensive public transport services.
Not everyone drives and it's not always straight forward to figure out how to get where you're going on public transportation, either. You can either get super accurate and use your current location or just enter a local station or bus stop if you have that information to hand.

Maps will pull in information from a number of local public transport services to try and get you a suitable route. Amazon currently has deep discounts on two Xbox One games in both disc and digital formats.
Microsoft has announced it is working on a new tool that will give Windows 10 users an easier way to create a clean install of the OS on their PCs. Instagram updated their logo and look earlier in the week with a promise for a Windows Phone update later on.
Tencent, the publisher of popular games like League of Legends, has announced the Tencent Games Platform (TGP) BOX for a release in its home country of China. In the first screenshot, you can see “smart routing for public transport” in action, something the built-in Bing Maps app doesn’t offer at the moment.
According to Long, the app supports the full 22 locales that Windows Phone Mango supports, meaning that the app should be available for all – or at the very least those with one of those upcoming Nokia Windows Phones.
Our map shop sells a huge range of wall maps, including our famous world wall map range, continental wall maps, British Isles wall maps plus a huge amount more..
There's also the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle bus and the free City Circle Tram to help you get around to all the city's major attractions. The site has commercial buildings, incubators and technical infrastructure and has a lively assortment of meeting, catering and sports facilities.
It'll list up a bunch of options depending on the current time of day, so it's perhaps not 100% useful for planning in advance if you want specific times.
This includes the time you'll need to spend walking to the nearest bus stop or train station.
It's a Windows 10-based game console that can download games and can also live stream gameplay sessions.
First we have information about a Nokia “Sabre” Windows Phone device, and next we have Nokia “Ace”. In the subsequent series of screenshots, you can see Nokia Maps features some great localised information such as finding a restaurant in downtown London. With the Nokia-Microsoft deal covering mapping technologies, one would hope that Microsoft would integrate this into Bing Maps, which would benefit us all.

There is also a Transit Navigation beta feature which will alert you when it’s time to change bus or train or when you have arrived at your destination.
Within the Business Map Centre youOCOll find mapping services and products suitable for any type and size of business. Maps & timetables For detailed information and timetables for trains, trams and buses, contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007. In a matter of moments you can bring up a route detailing which lines to get and where to change. It'd be nice if we could share or print of the directions directly as you can with road navigation, but at least you get plenty of information to work with. Today Long Zheng from iStartedSomething noticed a private marketplace listing for the official Nokia Maps app on the Windows Phone marketplace. Get reviews, uncover new destinations and reach them with smart routing for public transport, walking and driving. The app lets you check out reviews and photos about the places, and you can even upload your own photo to contribute to the localised database. Also buy map related products for travel and loads of different activities within the leisure shop. Trains, trams and late night buses operate through the night on Fridays and Saturdays and there is a 2am coach service to key regional centres.
Failure to show a valid myki (that is topped up and touched on) to a ticket inspector can lead to a fine.
It includes discounts and offers at 15 of Melbourne's leading attractions, including museums, must-see experiences, walking, cycling and foodie tours.

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