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When you visit the Netherlands, this does not neccesarily mean you can only visit Amsterdam.
There’s also a very easy way to find out about public transport by using the 9292 website.
The majority of train stations of large cities in the Netherlands are accessible, for example Amsterdam Central, Rotterdam Central and The Hague.
When I began to think about Public Transport, I found it difficult to identify characteristics that made Transport Public. Finally, I decided that Public included more options, such as Dial-a-Ride in the UK for Senior Citizens to call a free service that runs a shuttle to and from the local shops.

It also included a range of free services but that simply meant that payments had to be included in the Data Model but would be optional. Transport for London Web Site because it includes Buses, Ferries on the River, Trams, Overground Trains and Underground Trains.
If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.
We have also created a Reporting Database to make it easy to produce Reports and run Enquiries.
There is also a design for a Data Mart, which is very useful for providng data for Reports and Business Intelligence.

On this easy to use website you can fill out your wished departure or arrival time and you will get a perfect overview of how to travel.
For more information about accessibility of train stations, you can visit the page Accessible transport in the Netherlands.

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